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Singling out the circuit design

The photocoupler is coming of age as Matthias Diephaus, Senior Manager of Opto Semiconductors at Toshiba Electronics Europe explores here with advancing technology solutions to keep apace with market demands. Photocouplers are today the solution of choice for a wide range of... more

A sound solution

Roy Phillips, Managing Director at Intelliconnect explores the advancing medical world, with a cochlear implant quick disconnect connector solution that offers a custom design with life enhancing ... more

Graphics controller for automotive applications

A highly integrated single-chip graphics solution for automotive display systems has been developed by Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe. The MB88F333 ‘Indigo-L’ is a new sprite-based graphics controller, ... more

Conductive coating for plastics

Two new electrically conductive acrylic coatings have been released by Chomerics Europe - a division of Parker Hannifin. The coatings are designed for application onto plastic housings to provide EMI/... more
Embedded Systems

Making the most of it

As the pressure to reduce development costs drives the re-use of hardware and software platforms across multiple form factor variants, reconfigurability is proving of huge benefit, as Robert Hatfield,... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Isolated power factor corrected offline regulator

An isolated flyback controller with single stage active power factor correction (PFC) has been developed by Linear Technology Corporation. The device has a power factor of more than 0.97, which is ... more

Turning a downturn upside down

Electronics talks to Mark Larson, President of component Distributor, Digi-Key in a Q& A session about some of the factors that are leading to positive results for the company in the face of the ... more

Transcending the physical limits

Martin Poppelaars, VP EMEA Sales at Lantronix explores the freedom of wireless and how advances in the technology are mitigating new possibilities.Companies in just about every industry are looking to wireless technology to connect serial devices and avoid the high cost of installing cable. Low-cost wireless links reduce installation and maintenance costs and provide mobility. However, designing an... more
Communications & Networks

Wireless for wellness

Olivier Pauzet, Senior Director of Marketing and Market Strategy at Sierra Wireless considers the NHS of the future, aided by advances in wireless - The NHS today is facing up to the challenge of ... more
Communications & Networks

New secure RFID keys and cards

A new line of RFID keys and cards has been introduced by, Maxim Integrated Products. The solution is designed for the automatic identification, access control, and electronic cash (e-cash) markets. ... more
Communications & Networks

Antenna range and security support

A new RF transceiver supporting the high-volume consumer markets in the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band has been introduced by Atmel Corporation. The transceiver supports latest ... more
Communications & Networks

Balanced output filter for wireless connectivity

A balanced, output matching filter, aimed at 2.4GHz wireless applications; using ZigBee and Bluetooth low energy technologies has been developed. The new filter from Murata has been designed for use ... more
Communications & Networks

Advanced HMI RF browsing control

An RF smart remote reference design has been developed by Nordic Semiconductor for advanced browsing control of connected TVs and set-top boxes. The reference design includes native support for a ... more

Accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltages

A new amplifier with accurate differences of up to +275V has been developed by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The device has a common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of 100dB, increases overall ... more

ACI issues a winter warning

With Winter now upon us, the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) is advising contractors and distributors to check their cable choices carefully in light of the discovery last year of faulty arctic ... more

Smart system project launched

A new multinational/multidisciplinary European research project: 'SMArt systems Co-design' (SMAC) has gone underway. The three-year project, partially funded by the EU aims to develop a design and ... more

Celebrating 20 years of enclosures

Finnish enclosure manufacturer, Fibox has recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary as a stand-alone manufacturing and sales company. Through its double decade standing, the company has come a ... more

FPGA family with DSP and IP engine

A new FPGA family has been recently annonunced by Lattice Semiconductor. The devices features DSP blocks and hard IP-based communication engines for cost- and power-sensitive wireless, wireline, ... more

RoHS impact assessment study

ERA Technology is to work with BIO Intelligence Service supporting the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) recast impact assessment study. The European Commission has awarded the contract to ... more

Four-year power technology development program

A four-year government-funded technology development programme to help meet the needs of the UK's future power systems is to receive an initial investment of £2.4 million.The funding will go towards ... more

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