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Test solution enables verification transmission

A new PCIe 3.0 solution (Option PCE3) has been released by Tektronix, which builds on the company’s PCIe 1.0 and 2.0 specification test solutions. Coupled with Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) ... more
Test & Measurement

Current monitors provide accurate measurement

A new series of high side unipolar current sense monitors has been released by Diodes Incorporated. The ZXCT1107/09/10 series eliminates the need to disrupt the ground plane when sensing a load ... more
Test & Measurement

A sense for the tried and tested

Mark Edwards, Sales Director at Aim-TTi explores how a new solution of miniaturised field sensors enables measurement of PCB track currents - A new type of current probe has been introduced by Aim-... more

Fixed field suppression sensor

Fixed-field background suppression sensors from Banner Engineering Corp. have been released. The devices have been designed to enhance sensing capabilities with visible red, fixed field background ... more

Automotive low light ambient light sensor

An automotive qualified ambient light sensor that can measure incident light levels down to 0.01 lux with near human eye spectral response, has been developed by Intersil Corporation. The ISL76671 is ... more

Bluetooth low energy heart-rate belt

A so called ‘world's first’ production-ready Bluetooth low energy heart-rate chest belt has been announced by Nordic Semiconductor ASA in conjunction with Dayton Industrial Co. Ltd.This product ... more

Super Barrier Rectifiers improve reliability in automotive design

The first devices in a new family of Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR), designed for automotive applications have been recently announced by Diodes Incorporated.The new devices offer a lower forward ... more

Electric mobility

A new battery management integrated circuit has been introduced by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The IC increases the life of rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs and maximises available ... more

Advanced automotive radar improves safety

Automotive safety is evolving from passive systems such as seat belts, airbags and crash detection to active sensing networks capable of collision avoidance and accident prevention. Radar is an ... more

Thermal sensors for DDR3 memory

A family of low-power, precision temperature sensors targeted at Double Data Rate 2 and 3 (DDR2 and DDR3) memory modules, Solid State Drives (SSD), and computing motherboards has been released by ... more

New ambient light sensor family

An Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) product family has been introduced by Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. The devices are aimed at power management for display backlighting in portable applications, such ... more

Sub-sea level sensors for pressure measurement

Sub-sea level measurement is achieved using pressure sensors. Typically an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is lowered into the ocean with a pressure port either installed inside an enclosure or ... more

High temperature digital ambient light sensor

An automotive grade ambient light sensor, designed to support continuous operation up to 1050C has been introduced by Intersil Corporation. The ISL76683 is qualified to the Automotive Electronics ... more

Accurate position feedback

Figure 1 Karmjit Sidhu, VP, Business Development at Macro Sensors and American Sensor Technologies, considers how position sensing offers different ­performance attributes for demanding industrial and Mil-... more

The sixth sense to design

Figure 1 Jürgen Kühnel, Marketing Manager, for Precision Products at National Semiconductor Europe, explores the dimensions of a new family of Sensor-Analogue-Frontend (Sensor-AFE) -Precise SystemsUp until ... more

Miniature integrated driver ICs

ON Semiconductor has announced two new highly integrated driver ICs that will drive high current motors with reduced component count and board space in stepper motor based applications. The new AMIS-... more

The big switch over . . .

Figure 1 Tee Yong Lim, Product Marketing Manager at Peregrine Semiconductor discusses how UltraCMOS RF switches are offering a switching component that functions across a broad bandwidth providing good ... more
Switches & relays

Intuitive switching

Figure 1 Dynamic user interfaces include lighting schemes that show HMI function. Here Robert Davies, Marketing Manager for EAO considers how multi-colour illuminated switches are lighting the way forward in ... more
Switches & relays

RF switch for broadband TV applications

An RF switch for broadband consumer applications including cable televisions (CATV), digital television (DTV), multi-tuner digital video recorders (DVR), set-top boxes, PCTVs and video game consoles ... more
Switches & relays

New nine-port switch with field level software

A new nine-port product has been released by Belden, in addition to the company's basic managed IP67-switch range. The company's basic software is installed on this layer-two switch, which meets the ... more
Switches & relays

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