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WNIE Live 2019 - Discover the best in the electronics industry!

WNIE Live 2019 - Discover the best in the electronics industry!

What’s New in Electronics Live 2019 delivers the comprehensive event covering the entire spectrum of the electronics industry. ... more

Is legacy DRAM still being made?

Since DRAM burst onto the scene in the late 1960’s it has truly revolutionised computing systems at every level and it is not stopping at its latest incarnation DDR4, with DDR5 widely reported to be ... more

ZF’s KNX RF Training Kit for Training Centers

By the end of 2019, the KNX Association has given the target that KNX RF should be added to the KNX Basic Course by all European training centres. Therefore, all certified training centres in Europe ... more

IBASE Releases Mini-ITX Motherboard Powered by 9th/8th Gen Intel Processors

IBASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific industrial embedded computing platforms, has released the MI998 Mini-ITX motherboard supporting 9th/8th Gen Intel® Xeon® E / Core™ / Pentium® /... more

Maintenance-free DC UPS modules for DIN rail mounting protect against power failure, brownout and flicker

Two new DC UPS compact modules from Bicker Elektronik (Donauwoerth / Germany) ensure the uninterruptible power supply of DC loads such as low-power embedded IPCs, gateways, motors, sensors, actuators ... more

Powerful, but Low Power - the AAEON GENE APL-7 Compact Board

Cable Accuracy and Reliability is Key for Instrumentation

Available from RDS this compact board from AAEON has a generous connectivity solution providing enhanced scalability. In addition to its pairs of external USB3.0 and COM ports, internal connectors ... more
Is there another industry as diverse as instrumentation?

“Measurement is a critical part of today’s technology, ranging from a simple hand held device to instruments exploring dust clouds in outer ... more

Powerbox announces 105 models of DC/DC converters featuring 2xMOPP medical approvals

Powerbox announces the introduction of three new series of 15W, 20W and 30W board mount DC/DC converters for demanding medical applications, totaling 105 models. The PMM15, PMM20 and PMM30 are ... more

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