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Power Integrations SCALE-iDriver achieves AEC-Q100 automotive qualification

Power Integrations has announced that its SIC118xKQ SCALE-iDriver, a high-efficiency, single-channel gate driver for silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, is now certified to AEC-Q100 for automotive use. ... more

RTI joins the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC)

RTI joins leading OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and semiconductor companies in their collaborative effort to accelerate the delivery of safe and affordable autonomous vehicles at scale, collaborating with ... more

The ICE vehicle ban - will it freeze the production of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars for good?

The UK government is banning the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars in 2035, which should lead to a boom for the EV market. Will the UK play a big part in developing EV technology?

What is the ... more

Schreiner ProTech develop solutions for RFID

The increasing electrification of onboard vehicle systems is one of the major trends of the 21st century, entailing the installation of more and more electronics, electronic control units, sensors ... more

Analog Devices collaborates with Hyundai on road noise cancellation system

Analog Devices (ADI) has announced a strategic collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), where Hyundai plans to launch an all-digital road noise cancellation system, leveraging ADI’s Automotive ... more

GKN Automotive and Delta Electronics team up to take eDrive technology forward

GKN Automotive and Delta Electronics have announced their joint development that will enable the rapid acceleration of next generation integrated 3-in-1 eDrive systems of power classes from 80kW to ... more

Electric vehicles promise growth for property owners

Despite the hype in the media, electric vehicles might seem a niche market now, with sales of electric cars in 2019 accounting for just 2.3 per cent of the overall car market according to the Society ... more

Power Integrations' SCALE-iDriver is a new automotive offering

Power Integrations has unveiled its automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750 V-rated IGBTs. The new part expands the company’s range of auto-qualified driver ICs, following ... more

Siemens teams with Arm for automotive advancement

Siemens has announced an alliance with Arm, one that hopes to birth new IP, methodologies, processes and tools together to help automakers, integrators and suppliers collaborate, design and bring to ... more

New NXP automotive processors enable OTA analytics

NXP's new S32G vehicle network processors are hoped to mark a turning point in the way vehicle architectures are designed and implemented. As the latest offering from NXP’s S32 family of processors, ... more

NXP's S32G automotive network processors will enable rapid over-the-air data transfers

NXP Semiconductors has announced its new S32G vehicle network processors. As the latest offering from NXP’s S32 family of processors, the S32G processors are helping the automotive industry to segue ... more

TriEye foresees the need for greater visibility on the road with Porsche

TriEye, whose Short-Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology enhances visibility in adverse weather and night-time conditions, announced a collaboration with the German sports car manufacturer ... more

Murata announces a new common mode choke coil for the automotive sector

Murata has announced the release of the DLW32MH201YK2 common mode choke coil (CMCC) for automotive ethernet (100BASE-T1) applications. The choke coil is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is ... more

Sectigo releases embedded firewall to protect automotive systems

By 2022, more than two-thirds of new cars on American roads will have online connections to their safety-critical system, putting them at risk of deadly hacks to vehicles’ “head” system, used ... more

Toshiba announces its latest MOSFETs to build on its growing contributions to the automotive sector

Toshiba has launched a new range of 100V N-channel power MOSFETs for automotive applications that are available in the small surface mount SOP Advance (WF) package. Designed specifically for modern ... more

Toyota Lexus UX and Lexus NX benefit from Toshiba's Visconti 4 processor

Toshiba's Visconti 4 image recognition processor has assisted Toyota - their Lexus UX and Lexus NX models - recorded excellent results as part of a government-sponsored programme to assess road ... more

ROHM Semiconductor targets the automotive market with new barrier diodes

ROHM has made an announcement - its 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) are ready to go to market, optimised for a sector that is currently peaking in interest: automotive, for ... more

Kioxia's latest automotive UFS pushes its memory capacities to 512GB

ADAS. Infotainment systems. Telematics. All part of the overarching wave of automotive technology heading straight for us. The systems powering these technologies are begging for extensions to their ... more

Machine learning algorithms help predict traffic headaches

Urban traffic roughly follows a periodic pattern associated with the typical “9 to 5” work schedule. However, when an accident happens, traffic patterns are disrupted. Designing accurate traffic flow ... more

Volkswagen and NXP cooperate on road safety technology

NXP Semiconductors has revealed the rollout of its life-saving RoadLINK V2X communication solution in the new Volkswagen Golf. The recently released Golf of the 8th generation is the first volume ... more

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