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Jennova introduces Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting Technology

Published: 20 November 2015 - Lisa Peake

New Rotation Self-powered Devices Operate Smart Sensors & Enhance Energy Management of IoT Systems in New & Existing Infrastructures 

Jennova has introduced a new patented Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technology designed to simplify the capture and amplify the energy produced from the rotation or spin of other devices and to power an endless array of smart sensors and IoT applications. Easily adapted for use within new and existing infrastructures, this includes self-powering multiple IoT layers and increasing the transmission of data rates and overall acquisition functionality in everything from integrated sensor networks to process monitoring and control systems. 

“Jennova has worked tirelessly to create a technology that is virtually error-free and harvest the energy that is typically lost in mechanical motion,” says Terry Pennisi, the company’s CEO and founder. “Our design can reach a wide range of outputs both in voltage and current to satisfy the energy needs of this vast untapped market. It supplies the quick and worry-free support of unlimited applications with the generation of power that significantly exceeds other systems. Recent tests have shown the ability to power four wireless sensors for an indefinite amount of time with just one of our energy harvesting solutions."

Jennova’s Rotation Energy Harvester uses magnetic induction to gather energy from rotation or the motion of virtually any device. Extremely versatile, the technology’s circuit board can be paralleled and the number of magnets increased to raise power output. It can also be easily integrated into new and existing infrastructures through a two-step process that includes attaching the magnets to the rotational source and then affixing the energy harvesting board to the desired location. Once installed, no further maintenance or calibration is required.

“The unreliable consistency of power has always been a major concern for most energy harvesting systems,” says Christian Pennisi, the company’s director of operations. “Our Rotational Energy Harvesting technology eliminates this challenge by supplying a constant stream of power that produces higher sensor iteration rates, while also enhancing the accuracy of the sensor readings. This instantaneous source of energy only stops when there is no operational rotation and therefore no readings are necessary. Small-scale, it is also capable of generating some of the highest power output relative to size in the industry today.”

Source: Electronics

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