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TR Fastenings to Exhibit at 4G World, Las Vegas, 9-11 Sept 2014

22 August 2014

Come and see us on Stand 3354

TR Fastenings, a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial components to the telecommunications industry across four continents, is to attend 4G World in Las Vegas from 9-11 September 2014.  A ‘Full Service Provider’, TR Fastenings will be showcasing its extensive portfolio of products for the telecommunications industry and advising on the best fastening solutions for 4G wireless infrastructure needs.

Already well established within the 3G industry, TR Fastenings is capable of supplying components for the entire hardware used to support the 4G network worldwide, from the most basic fastener to the final mast assembly.

Tuning Screws

Reflecting the diverse range of fasteners and fixings solutions offered by TR Fastenings, we pride ourselves for our success in manufacturing and supplying tuning screws to major global telecommunication companies and their sub-contact base. Tuning screws are used in microwave filters and power amplifiers and are part of base station and antenna systems predominately for the mobile telecommunications network. As networks expand and data rates increase these units play a very important role.

  • The tuning screws are generally brass with a silver plated finish and have a fine pitch thread plus a matching brass locking nut. Stainless steel is also used in certain applications. Sizes vary in both diameters, thread size, thread pitch and length depending on the application and space constraints. Different drive types such as Slot or TORX are most common and the “nose” design of the tuning screw is also a very important feature for ensuring precise tuning capability and stable signal/power performance. New developments for faster and easier tuning functionality have led to self-locking possibilities being implemented in certain applications.  
  • Bespoke to the telecoms industry, TR’s tuning screws are designed for the removal or reduction of intermodulation distortion (the amplitude modulation of signals containing two or more different frequencies in a system with nonlinearities).

Mounting Kits for Masts

With arrival of 4G, new masts are being built and existing masts being adjusted and updated. TR Fastenings is able to provide kits for the supports which are used to attach antennas to masts, making it easier for them to be fitted and giving the support needed for them to be mounted in even the most extreme and windswept environment.

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel, the kits include nuts, bolts, screws and washers.


From power distribution units to indoor mainframe servers, TR Fastenings supplies a wealth of suitable fastening solutions for enclosures, including sheet metal and plastic components, as well as weather-proof seals.

  • Sheet metal self-clinch products, including cage nuts and rivet nuts. Screws with serrated heads are also available.
  • PCB inserts (brass soldered onto PCB board) to special bespoke design.
  • Plastics – cable harnessing, cable management.
  • Seals.

Full Service Provider

Since it was founded in 1973, TR Fastenings has grown into a multi-million pound business, supplying over 150 million components every day to thousands of customers from all walks of industry. From its own-brand self-clinch sheet metal fasteners to its range of plastic fasteners and Cable Management products, TR keeps at the cutting edge of fastener technology and invests heavily into the research and development of new products.

The company’s vast global engineering capabilities and 7 manufacturing sites in Asia and the UK enable it to design, develop and produce over 30% of its components. This extensive worldwide network combined with TR’s specialist knowledge across a wide number of industries, from automotive to electronics, means TR is able to provide the best advice and support to its customers, from design stage to delivery. Visit our website to find out more

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