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ABB self-averaging flowmeter offers versatile, cost effective solution for gas, liquid and steam measurement

ABB’s FPD350 Torbar self-averaging pitot tube offers a low cost, easy to install solution for measurement of gases, liquids and steam. With no moving parts and featuring an innovative sensor design ... more

The art of energy saving

One of the UK’s leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brands, Powerstar, is likely to save mac Birmingham up to 9% on its annual electricity consumption.

The successful installation of a ... more


Pumps and the WEEE2 directive

In August 2018 the WEEE2 Directive (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) will come into force in the UK. Under the existing WEEE Directive, pumps (other than garden pumps) have NOT been ... more
Boilers, Pumps & Valves

University reduces carbon emissions by 35% to save £17 million

The University of Reading has cut its carbon emissions by 35%, producing a saving of £17 million over a five year period.

The University has cut its annual carbon emissions from 44,000 tonnes of ... more

Green Energy & CHP

FLIR launches five new thermal cameras: Third Generation FLIR ONEs, FLIR Duo Thermal/Visible Drone Cameras, and FLIR C3 Rugged Pro Camera

UK Power Networks and National Grid reach key milestone to boost green energy

FLIR Systems announced the launch of five new thermal imaging cameras in the first week of January, including two new third generation FLIR ONE thermal camera attachments for smartphones, two new ... more
UK Power Networks has reached a major milestone in a research project that aims to integrate more renewable energy onto the electricity distribution network.

This will be the first time that UK ... more

Orchard Energy offers guidance to help businesses avoid new charges

Utility management specialist Orchard Energy has warned businesses that they face the prospect of paying significantly more for energy that exceeds their assigned capacity, following new measures to ... more
Building Management

World Biogas Association to partner with UK AD & Biogas to showcase global biogas industry

With the global biogas market estimated at £1trn and energy security, climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals driving the need to rapidly increase the uptake of biogas, the World ... more
Green Energy & CHP

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