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A protocol with potential

ProSoft Technology explain exactly what IEC 61850 is and what it can offer the energy industryIEC 61850 is an emerging protocol for the energy industry. Unlike earlier protocols, the technical ... more
Production Engineering

Your guide to PV system testing

Jim Wallace of Seaward Solar explains the importance of PV solar panel testingThe installation process of photovoltaic (PV) panels is one that shouldn't pose too many problems for a qualified ... more
Inspection & Measurement

A new outlook for commercial heating

Andrew Crown, commercial manager, heating and renewables for Daikin UK, looks at how advances in technology have made renewable energy solutions a genuine possibility for commercial ... more
Green Energy & CHP

What are the benefits of using ‘experts’ to assist with energy efficiency?

In business these days you can always find experts across many sectors who promise to provide the answers you need to be more productive or profitable. Some so-called experts may add value to your ... more
Production Engineering

Every journey begins with a first step

Despite rising energy prices and growing concern over risks to energy supply, many organisations have yet to begin their journey towards monitoring, measuring and managing energy consumption levels. ... more
Energy Monitoring & HVAC

Time to update cooling techniques

Data centres are one of the biggest consumers of energy. With cooling technology typically representing 45% of overall data centre running costs, plus sustained energy price rises, it’s clear that ... more
Production Engineering

The holy grail of power generation

Carlo Battain of Parker KV explains the many aspects of engineering that are involved in the quest for clean, efficient power generationPower generation is the fundamental technology that keeps the ... more
Production Engineering

New investment cuts steam wastage

Following testing at its headquarters in Italy, Energhe, a developer of energy efficient projects for the Ferrero Group, has made Thermal Energy International’s GEM venturi orifice steam traps its ... more
Production Engineering

Optimising pump performance

Due to the often stressful conditions that centrifugal process pumps have to operate in, it is not uncommon for them to fail prematurely. However, ensuring that they operate at optimum speed and ... more
Boilers, Pumps & Valves

Smartening up the grid

Recent developments demonstrate that the government is committed to reducing carbon emissions and introducing cleaner energy, but will the grid be able to cope with the changes to come? Dr Edward ... more
Green Energy & CHP

Seal the deal

The latest developments in seal technology are helping to improve the operating life and reliability, as well as reducing the lifetime costs, of industrial and process pumps. Phil Burge, ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

Energy efficiency takes a major step forward

The newly developed MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system from SEW-EURODRIVE is enabling system operators to increase energy efficiency while also reducing operating costsSaving energy is not only an ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

How can your company implement energy efficiency solutions

In the first of a new series in Energy Management magazine, Steve Barker, head of Energy Efficiency and Environmental Care, Siemens Industry Sector UK, answers some commonly posed questions affecting ... more
Inspection & Measurement

Identifying losses and raising public awareness

By using thermal imaging technology from FLIR, Camden Council is well on the way to meeting its carbon emission and reduction targetsThe carbon emission and energy consumption targets set by the ... more
Inspection & Measurement

Don't lose faith in FiTs

Despite the recent government cuts to Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects over 50kW, Andrew Lee of Sharp Solar explains that while the cuts are potentially damaging to an ... more
Green Energy & CHP

A change of venue highlights the importance of energy efficiency

To accommodate the increase in visitor numbers as more and more organisations place a higher importance on energy matters, The Energy Event will this year take place at the Birmingham NEC for the ... more

Interpreting LED lamp data

LED lighting is playing a key role in reducing global energy consumption. However, it is vital to understand the underlying factors that affect the efficacy and reliability of these products, as ... more

Helping you take the initiative

It is a well known fact that one of the most straightforward areas to focus on when trying to reduce the energy wastage of a building is its lighting. Newey & Eyre has recently set up a new ... more

Life at the coal face

If you’ve been on the industry frontline in recent years, then you’ll know all about the need to reduce the energy that your factory consumes - for commercial if not environmental reasons. Here, Dave ... more
Inspection & Measurement

Realising the potential of wind power

Developments in component technology are reducing the weight, frictional losses, energy consumption and maintenance costs of wind turbines. Phil Burge, communication manager for SKF explainsBoth OEMs ... more
Drives, Motors & Controls

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