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The upward growth trajectory of IO-Link continues unabated

Some of the many benefits offered by the globally established communication standard IO-Link include system and fieldbus independence. The universal and compatible interface allows the integrated ... more

ZF Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch at Internet of Things Seminars

From medical to industrial, every market is being disrupted by the Internet of Things (IoT). Along with their partners and distributors, ON Semiconductor will host a series of technical seminars in ... more

Maintenance: Prevention is Better than Cure

If you owned a Mercedes would you take it to your local Halfords for a service? Probably not. You would more likely, use the nearest specialist garage, experienced and competent in fixing your ... more

Wholesale Energy Savings For Transgourmet

TransGourmet is a European food wholesaler supplying fresh produce to leading food outlets. The wholesaler required a state-of-the-art lighting solution for its new 25,000²m warehouse facility in St ... more

The University of Edinburgh increases protection and reduces its energy use with KUP

Since it opened its doors in 1583, The University of Edinburgh has been at the forefront of Scottish higher education. From Nobel laureates and Olympic champions to space explorers and prime ... more

How Much Does UPS Efficiency Actually Cost?

PowerBreaker – still the forefront of RCD Technology

By David Bond, Chairman, CENTIEL UK Ltd

The operating efficiency of UPS solution and its total cost of ownership are closely linked and the most environmentally friendly systems enjoy ongoing ... more

Further amendments to the safety standards BS7288-2016 are due at the end of November 2019 and GreenBrook are the first to ensure their PowerBreaker RCD products adhere to the latest regulations. ... more

Kao Data Announces Paul Finch as Interim CEO as it Enters Next Phase of Data Centre Expansion at its North East London Campus

Paul Finch becomes Interim CEO to lead the company through the next phase of development and expansion.

Professional services consultants have been instructed to initiate pre-construction activities ... more

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