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Energy Monitoring & HVAC

Power line monitoring on the move

In the Northern hemisphere, November through to March is a particularly testing time for any energy supplier. Electrical load is at its highest and the likelihood of a breakdown is far greater so the ... more

The world of refrigeration is changing…

In addition to energy savings, reduced costs and reliability, customers are now looking for environmentally friendly solutions.

Panasonic UK has selected specialist and experienced refrigeration ... more

Bosch launches series of high efficiency air conditioning solutions

Providing efficient, effective and environmentally-friendly temperature control, Bosch Commercial and Industrial has launched its comprehensive range of residential air conditioning (RAC) solutions.

... more

Air intake screens protect data centre’s chillers from damage

A large data centre’s chillers have just been given valuable protection from contamination through the fitment of RABScreen air intake screens.

The Hibernia Atlantic data centre is located on a ... more

Get yourself connected

Managing and verifying energy usage is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), it now allows users to optimise operational ... more

Advances in technology provide new ventilation solutions

London tower blocks choose QRL radiators for efficiency makeover

Everyone is aware that simple ventilation can provide a perfectly satisfactory solution to cooling many industrial and commercial premises. However, recent advances in fan technology, controls and ... more
As part of a £5.8 million regeneration project to enhance heating efficiency and slash bills by 50%, four 1960s tower blocks in North London have replaced their outdated electric underfloor heating ... more

Fläkt Woods provides a ventilation and fire safety system for revamped Birmingham New Street station

Fläkt Woods, a market leader in air movement technology, has supplied a ventilation and fire safety system at Birmingham New Street station, which was installed during the £750m transformation of the ... more

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