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SA company partners in large energy efficiency project in USA

Published: 13 November 2019 - Carly Wills

South African company IoT.nxt (a company built by former students of the University of the Free State) has been selected as a key partner to optimise energy usage at schools in Florida, USA.

The company and the project partners are making a huge impact in the USA because it saves 200+ schools in Florida significant amounts of money thanks to its sophisticated technology - the patented Rapto gateway solution, rolled out in a multi-million-dollar project to ensure that schools use power most efficiently. The lead contractor, American company Minimise USA, selected IoT.nxt and British Energy Saving Technology (BEST) for their specific expertise - BEST to see to the energy and IoT.nxt to maximise its efficiency.

Rector and vice-chancellor of the University of the Free State, professor Francis Petersen, commented: “At the UFS we are always delighted when our former students make an impact that improves life for people. Iot.nxt is trailblazing some astonishing technology and creating new markets for South African talent abroad."

IoT.nxt CEO, Nico Steyn, explained that in an attempt to reduce energy consumption, many building managers use pre-set systems to switch energy on and off at fixed times. But the sophisticated IoT strategies and technology enable building managers to take account of factors such as occupancy and ambient external temperature when considering how much or how little energy is required to heat or cool a building, or even purify the air. They can, therefore, make changes that optimise energy usage efficiently and effectively, and so effect significant cost savings.

"Because our Raptor solution allows for retrofitting of any existing equipment and systems, it eliminates the need to rip out and replace them, it closes the gap energy facilities managers were grappling with," added Steyn.

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