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Register now for Sensors & Instrumentation Live

Registration is now open for Sensors & Instrumentation Live. Your free ticket not only gets you access to the UK’s only national instrumentation exhibition but also access to the the TCT Show.

... more

Automated laser marking helps improve speed, quality and flexibility at Jaguar Land Rover

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a car’s unique fingerprint. Applying the VIN has always presented challenges to manufacturers, however.

Companies have used various technologies to apply ... more

Status Instruments

Any industry, heavy or light, from farming to power generation, will make use of monitoring, display and control systems and each industry will present its own set of requirements and problems.

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FDB Rocfast assembly/logistics save time, save cost, optimise lock solutions

Our FDB Rocfast lock assembly service is core to the enclosure manufacturing and installation industry which frequently requires batches of totally bespoke locks built to order on an urgent basis. ... more

New rfid antennas over io-link for numerous applications

The onward march of IO-Link seems unstoppable and for good reason, with advantages such as much more data and diagnostics for minimal extra cost. Ifm electronic has one of the largest offerings of IO-... more

Staff comfort and productivity when temperatures rise. How to optimise conditions in your building so safety, comfort and quality are at 100%

Safety & Health Expo 2019: courage and risk – a different perspective

Are your climate control systems really still fit for purpose when it comes to enhancing comfort and production levels in the hot summer months?

Modern production output expectations increasingly ... more

Eddie the Eagle and SafeStart UK founder, Larry Wilson, co-present in the Keynote Theatre at SHExpo 2019

Can you reduce human error and eliminate up to 95% of workplace injuries? Join Eddie the ... more

Spaciotempo provides space and time for businesses to grow

Spaciotempo strongly believes that the key to a successful business is having the space and time to grow. The market leader in temporary buildings has a proud history, spanning more than four decades,... more

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