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30 November 2018

At FDB Panel Fittings we pride ourselves on only supplying the highest quality products from the world’s leading manufacturers, recently these manufacturers have been focusing on not just using the best modern materials but also making these products as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

A good example of this is the newly designed bridge handles series from Dirak, available in silver-grey (RAL 7001) or matt black - made from high strength polyamide they provide corrosion resistance in a new extra-long 220mm design to provide the ultimate level of comfort and convenience for users, as well as slanted surfaces and rounded edges to prevent accumulation of dirt and ensure easy cleaning. Their attractive appearance has been further enhanced by concealing the M8 fixings under clip-in PA plugs, which maintain their sleek and smooth style.

We also love their beautifully designed 7-206 Stainless steel 180° lift off hinge for nested doors – another new introduction from Dirak. This hinge is not only resistant to weather, corrosion and chemicals, but it also features sloped/rounded edges again to ensure easy cleaning and resistance to accumulation of dirt.

It is made of stainless steel AISI 316 and can be used in the most varied applications on 1.5 and 2mm door thicknesses. Stainless steel washers between the joints ensure a high number of operation cycles and a long service life. 7-206 hinges are fixed from the inside with M6 screws which offer a level of vandal resistance while standard finish is a sand blasted surface allowing for additional surface treatments by the consumer.

When we are thinking about manufacture’s who use materials to their advantage, while keeping aesthetics in the forefront, the product that stands out to us is the Sugatsune series of neodymium magnetic catches. Back in the eighties the first neodymium magnets were devised by companies in Japan and America - they are enormously strong compared to ferrite magnets and have found themselves at the heart of many aspects of modern technology, from hard drives to hybrid and electric cars.

Sugatsune likes them because their density and strength allows incredibly thin magnetic catches to be produced like the MC159. At less than 3mm thick it is an easy to fit closure device which does not disrupt the integrity of your design. Perfect for sheet metal applications it can also be utilised in furniture production where the ample 4kg force will keep large doors closed. A lower strength version, the MC-158 has the same great looks but lesser strength at 1.5kg for those light weight applications, at the other end of the scale an 8KG force version has also recently been introduced.

Sugatsune have not just focused on looks either! They have concentrated on sound too. Whilst the satisfying “Click” of a magnetic catch closing might reassure most, in some applications a quiet close is also desirable and Sugatsune’s “sealed catches” offer this feature. The MC-MS45 is covered in silicone rubber to deaden sound and the MC-JM45 is perfect for clean rooms, being completely sealed in polypropylene and making them NSF approved.

Given the breadth of possible applications for these catches we are delighted that consideration has been given to corrosion resistance - so Sugatsune have addressed this with nickel plated versions and for more corrosion resistant latches like the MC-159SUS, they coat the magnet with an acrylic resin. To ensure optimum performance of the Neodymium under all normal industrial conditions Sugatsune have created the MC-YN001 HP catch, made with a Samarium Cobalt magnet for temperatures exceeding 80°C and up to a whopping 250°C

Finally worth a mention within this great range is the tiny 2.2mm thick MC-YN001 magnetic catch family – smaller and thinner than its stablemates the MC-YN001 series is offered in nickel-plated or corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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