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Kistler Group acquires Vester Elektronik

Published: 30 August 2017 - Jack Cheeseman

Kistler Group acquired Vester Elektronik, specialist in sensor technology and test automation, on 25 August. This procurement to its Group is Kistler’s third this year.

Innovative systems in process monitoring

Since its founding 50 years ago, the family-owned company Vester Elektronik has specialised in high-quality optoelectronic sensors for controls and process monitoring in the field of punching and forming technology. Testing and sorting facilities for the 100 per cent examination of metal and hybrid parts completes the company’s product portfolio. Its products are primarily used in punching and forming as well as turned parts and fastening sectors. The company is known for its innovative and well-engineered systems for the quality assurance and surveillance of punching and forming processes, as well as for the high level of continuity and quality from a single source.

Local operations with a global network

The takeover benefits the two companies and their customers. Vester Elektronik will gain access to a global corporate structure and new resources, which will increase its business and its development within new markets. With 1,800 employees the world over, the Kistler Group provides the necessary structures and processes for the company, which primarily operates in Germany, to grow. Kistler has branches in 58 locations in more than 30 countries, thereby providing the Vester portfolio access to a global market. Customers in turn will benefit from the Kistler Group’s global service and sales network. Outside managing director at Vester Frank Oppenländer will continue to lead the company and its 80 full-time staff members from the Straubenhardt facility. In the mean term, the site itself and its skilled workforce will expand.

Establishment of a centre of excellence for optical measuring technology

By taking over Vester, Kistler is not only acquiring decades of knowledge in the field of test automation and sensor technology, it also facilitates the establishment of a centre of excellence for optical measurement in Germany.

“This new technology is the perfect addition to Kistler’s traditional measurement technology. It gives us access to new applications that enable us to meet the demands of new and existing customers even more effectively,” said Rolf Sonderegger, CEO, Kistler Group.

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