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The future of automation and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the unstoppable rise of automation is redefining manufacturing processes once and for all. Manufacturers are presented with the challenge of updating and digitising their systems as a means of future-proofing their businesses. Failure to do so risks them falling behind their customer’s demands, says Scott Fawcett, managing director, Essentra Components

Digitisation, automation and data collection are the key principles of Industry 4.0 that manufacturers must align themselves with... more

Smart automation reduces the complexity of logistics for the pharmaceutical industry

The ability to efficiently and reliably distribute medicinal products could be the difference, in an extreme case, between life and death. This is just one of the reasons why, in the pharmaceutical... more

Diag 4.0 fast tracks manufacturing Industry 4.0 optimisation

With a large number of UK manufacturing companies’ factories not even reaching ‘3.0’, Diag 4.0 offers an opportunity to close the gap through comprehensive analysis, which enables the optimisation of ... more

Cobots – a catalyst for reshoring

The longstanding industrial practice of outsourcing manufacturing operations to low-cost parts of the world to keep manufacturing costs down has recently taken a dramatic turn. With rapidly rising ... more

Flexible line integration delivered by modular Linear Transfer System and its Smart Carriages

At SPS IPC Drives 2017 Mitsubishi Electric presented its latest developments of its modular Linear Transfer System (LTS) with Smart Carriage technology. The new versions of the Smart Carriages build... more

Industry 4.0: The hour of implementation has arrived

ERIKS reveals its top tips for implementing Industry 4.0

Increasing demands by consumers for individual, high-quality products at favourable prices are posing new challenges for industrial enterprises, which can only be resolved by digitalisation... more
The term ‘Industry 4.0’ has quickly become the “hot topic” across industry, but is it actually understood, and is it being implemented correctly? Steve Askins, UK engineering director at ERIKS UK &... more

The Industrial Internet of Things requires collaboration

Aventics joined Lemgo-based research and development centre, Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT), as a strategic partner over a year ago. The first projects are complete and collaboration with developers ... more

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