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Steam systems may not be your core business. But they are ours

24 January 2019


There will almost certainly be times when you’ll need to look outside your organisation for the right people and specialist skills to build new steam plant, extend your existing system to meet changing needs, or even to keep your system at peak performance. That’s why it makes sense to take advantage of our expert capabilities and extensive resources to make your life easier. Our steam system audits, for example, focus on your key business demands, whether energy saving, environmental performance, safety and regulatory compliance, or something else.

From a straightforward steam trap survey to project managing a complete new build, our experienced project teams will tailor services to deliver the best return on your steam system investment. We won’t try to impose services on you that you don’t really need. Services are delivered flexibly, as required. That could mean anything from a one-off project right up to experts working permanently on a large site to support ongoing operations.

We also offer 24 hour telephone access to technical support and guaranteed response times according to set service level agreements. You will benefit from improved plant availability, lower energy use and faster project implementation whether for a new plant or by making the most of your existing steam system investments.


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