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The July/August 2017 digital edition of Factory Equipment is out now!

Published: 11 August 2017 - Jack Cheeseman

Welcome to the July/August digital edition of Factory Equipment!

One of the most important parts of the production process has to be the stage at which goods are packaged up and sent out the door. In most cases, the next person to see the product - whether it’s been boxed, wrapped or lifted onto a truck - is the customer.

This issue looks at how packaging efficiency can be improved, in terms of saving time and money on the factory floor but while also presenting the customer with a neat, fresh and undamaged product that is fit for use. Another area to look at is the use of labelling and barcoding equipment to ensure goods are tracked and sent to the correct places; mis-delivered items can be a nightmare for everyone involved.

Also this month, there’s a discussion on the increased focus on workplace safety and how various equipment can help saves lives in extreme circumstances, but can also improve the daily working conditions of employees through the use of, for example, simple ear protection products.

In addition, Clean Sweep UK discusses the benefits of hiring cleaning equipment for a cost-effective and hassle-free way of working.

The July/August issue of Materials Handling & Logistics is out this month too! This includes a special article on the automated warehousing systems of Ocado Engineering.

You can view this month's digital issue here.

Jack Cheeseman – Editor

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