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Multipurpose ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids

KROHNE’s new OPTISONIC 3400 is a multipurpose flowmeter for liquids. Featuring versatile I/O and communication options, this can be used for both standard and more demanding applications in terms of ... more

A space saving flow control solution

With Bronkhorst’s FLOW-SMS, a variety of components for mass flow and pressure measurement and control can be assembled to constitute a compact gas delivery system.One or more mass flow (or pressure) ... more

Tackling water leakage with flowmeter innovations

Although almost half of water companies in England and Wales will not be required to reduce their leakages before 2015, factors such as increasing water scarcity and worries over carbon emissions ... more

Wessex Water selects Micronics clamp-on flow sensors

Flow sensors are used by Wessex Water, a regional water and sewage treatment company, for confirmation of wash-water flow to plant and equipment. The thermal dispersion flow switch and the wash-water ... more

VEGA delivers its 100,000th bulk solids radar sensor

Less than nine years after introducing the VEGAPULS 68 non contact radar sensor for bulk solids, VEGA has delivered the 100,000th sensor. The bulk solids radar instrument – a VEGAPULS SR68 – went to ... more

Flow meter for liquid and gas industries

New from Siemens Industry is the SITRANS FUT 1010 liquid and gas flow meter, aimed at applications across the liquid and gas hydrocarbon industries.The meter features Widebeam transit time technology,... more

Flood warning measurement solution

With flooding increasing in frequency, reliable methods of continuously monitoring rivers, storm drains and overflows for rising water levels are needed. As a solution, HWM has introduced SonicSens 2,... more

Fuel flow meter

A compact and light liquid flow meter for measuring the fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles, tractors, river vessels or any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines, is available ... more

Reducing process costs

The first areas that spring to mind when a professional is challenged to reduce process control costs are usually purchase cost and installation. But, purchase cost only plays a small part – managing ... more

A level approach to bottle filling

A level sensing solution from Sick UK has been installed at a bottling plant to help the company keep up with the UK’s growing demand for water, juice and carbonated drinksFigures from the ‘British ... more

Lightweight thermal imagers for harsh environments

Suitable for use in the harshest of environments, Fluke’s Ti1xx and TiR1xx Series of thermal imagers are said by the company to help users do more, in less time. Lightweight at just 0.73kg to enable ... more

Monitoring the invisible

Manufacturers today are increasingly considering machine vision to achieve a competitive edge – and, for many, systems based on infrared technology are proving the ideal choice. Such systems can ... more

Keeping costs under control

Sub-metering of potable and Domestic Hot Water Services is essential today due to water consumption and energy costs. Michael Farnon, managing director of Micronics, shares his thoughts on this issue ... more

A guide to flow monitoring

Measuring and monitoring flow is integral to many manufacturing and process applications, but choosing the most appropriate product for the task can be a complex process. So, with the vast array of ... more

Hydra-Cell… Run-dry pumps to handle aggressive chemicals

Pumps failing through running dry, or becoming damaged due to pumping corrosive liquids are not uncommon problems, however both these costly issues can be eliminated by using Hydra-Cell seal-less ... more

Smart metering demands drive flow measurement advances

In response to the growing demand for smart metering, Morgan Technical Ceramics has developed ultrasonic piezoceramic sensors for high reliability gas flow measurement which make the high volume ... more

Distance sensor detects silo levels

Designed to inform system operators about the level of their silos, the EDS-C distance sensor from Dimetix measures reliably on a variety of materials at distances up to 30m. Using laser technology, ... more

New submersible gauging level transmitter

Impress Sensors & Systems has produced a range of tank gauging level transmitters which are suitable for small tanks and containers.The IMTG range of transmitters is designed for continuous ... more

Custom-built flowmeters help test fuel injectors

Flow meters based on modified designs originally produced for Delphi Spain have been supplied by Litre Meter to Delphi Diesel in India for testing fuel injectors. Fuel injector parameters being ... more

Flow devices have 200:1 turndown ratio

Alicat Scientific claims that its mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers are now offered, as standard, with the industry’s highest turndown ratio of 200:1.The meters and controllers measure mass ... more

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