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Fisco’s New ‘Mark-Right’ - The ‘Time-Saving’ Tape for Right-Handed Craftsmen

Delivering faster, more accurate and comfortable measuring.

If you’re fed up with reading tapes upside down, get to grips with Fisco’s new ‘Mark-Right’ Tape. It’s designed for right-handed ... more

Plasma bevel cutting for the 21st century

Unless weldable materials are relatively thin, edge preparation is usually necessary for achieving high-integrity welded joints. Depending on the joint design, this requires one or more beveled edges ... more

Position switches

Designed on modular principle, these position switches have degree of protection IP66 to IP67, for use in challenging environmental conditions

Position switches from Schmersal PS is a range of ... more

Nov. 2018 set for massive environmental monitoring event

Two of the world’s largest environmental monitoring events will take place in the same place and at the same time next week – Telford, November 21st and 22nd. WWEM 2018 and AQE 2018 are specialist ... more

Snickers Workwear Climate Control Underwear

Dressing for the cold is like building a house – start with a good foundation.

The Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing uses high-tech breathable fabrics for ventilation and body moisture ... more

MSA launches new 'off the shelf' fall protection

Empteezy endeavour to protect remote workers

MSA Safety has launched a brand-new range of fall protection kits - making it even easier for businesses to help keep their workers safe at height. The new kits offer a simple 'off the shelf' fall ... more
With a variety of roles being carried out in the great outdoors involving fuels, lubricants, chemicals and agrochemicals, spill control and containment specialist Empteezy have expanded their range ... more

Cirrus doseBadge® offers even greater value for money with new pricing

Protecting your workers from occupational noise just got easier and cheaper thanks to a new deal being offered on the Cirrus Research doseBadge.

Cirrus Research has been protecting workers’ hearing ... more

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