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Another step to defeating workplace infections

Published: 1 July 2020 - Victoria White

DoorPedL, an innovation from Selo, has been developed to allow doors to be opened and closed hands-free, helping to create safer and more hygienic environments for offices, schools, hospitals and other buildings.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes that hand transmission is the major cause of the coronavirus infection. Therefore, eliminating the use of using door handles in buildings is the best way to avoid cross contamination.

Hans Purdom, Managing Director of Selo, the inventors of DoorPedL, says: “We are really excited to be launching the DoorPedL range. These products will help prevent the spread of infection in a number of different buildings, creating safer spaces to help get people back to work and education.”

The foot plates allow unlatched doors to be opened using just a foot have been on the market for some time, but DoorPedL’s major innovation also enables latched doors to be opened and closed by stepping on a footplate. 

DoorPedL is available in two variants; one for unlatched doors (DP01) and latched doors (DP02). DP01 is available in white, black or stainless steel, and DP02 is available in stainless steel. Special colours are also available for larger orders. Both products are manufactured using 3mm folded steel for extra strength and durability and are shipped with fixings, installation instructions, mounting templates and signage.

DoorPedL is simple to install and can be achieved with only basic DIY competence.

For more information or to place an order visit the website at

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