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Casella – providing life changing solutions for workplace and environmental hazard monitoring

15 February 2021

Casella takes its commitment to developing life-changing monitoring technology seriously. Where workplace hazards include excessive noise or vibration levels, dust, vapours and gases that can pose potential risks to worker health, Casella is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to monitor these hazards, allowing operators to assess potent risks to health and take the necessary steps to control these.

Casella’s range of monitoring solutions provides Occupational Hygienists and workplace safety managers with necessary tools to capture data around a wide range of workplace risk areas, whether monitoring individual workers with body-worn equipment or covering emissions from site with boundary monitoring.

Casella offers a complete solution to workplace noise monitoring. Equipping workers with body mounted dBadge2 dosimeters allows consistent checking of levels of sound exposure throughout a shift, and when combined with a Sound Level Meter enables managers to undertake control measures.

Where workers might be exposed to high levels of dust, fumes or gases that may be hazardous to health, Casella’s range of personal sampling pumps are designed to consistently assess chemical, biological and fume exposure levels. Both the Apex2 and VAPex are pocket-sized, intrinsically safe pumps that minimise work disruption with long lasting battery life and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing results to be analysed remotely.

While personal monitors give a focused view of the risks individuals are exposed to, often a whole site must be monitored to assess the impact work can have on the surrounding area. Casella’s Guardian2 combines several monitors in one award-winning and comprehensive solution, giving users access to monitoring and reporting on particulate, sound and vibrations levels, as well as levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s).

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