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Energy & Waste Management

AeroThermal’s first thermal hydrolysis unit operational

AeroThermal has announced that its first Thermo-Pressure Hydrolysis (TPH) vessel was onstream processing bio-waste for the first time for a renewables company in the UK more

Freezer insulation inspection – thermal imaging keeps energy costs down

As important as they are for storing quantities of foodstuffs, commercial walk-in freezers use a lot of energy. So, it is imperative that this consumption is kept to a minimum more

Hydrogen could replace natural gas to slash carbon emissions, new report claims

Leading UK engineers have assessed the possibility of using hydrogen in place of natural gas in the UK’s gas grid and concluded that there is no reason why this cannot be achieved safely more

Empteezy and Dyce Carriers: A partnership worth promoting

With a focus on quality customer experience from start to finish, Empteezy recognised the need for a delivery partner of esteemed reputation which they found in Dyce Carriers more

Waste management company fined after worker injured

A recycling and waste management company has been prosecuted after a worker’s hand was injured by defective hydraulic cutters more

Thames Water rolls out SEEPEX’s energy-reducing sludge solution

Finding value in liquid waste streams

Progressive cavity pump specialist SEEPEX has developed a new system to improve dewatered sludge handling, enabling long distance transfer with reduced operational costs  more
Waste is increasingly being viewed as a resource. From well-established practices such as recycling paper and aluminium, to the development of the circular economy more

Prepare for German WEEE expansion now or face fines of 100,000€, warns Lorax

Businesses that manufacture, distribute or export passive electronics to German markets must comply with its updated WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) laws or they will face fines more

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