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Poor industrial lighting costing UK £1.4bn a year

An estimated 75% of UK industrial lighting installations don’t meet current industry design standards and could be costing the UK as much as £1.4bn a year, according to research from Eriks UK.

Adam ... more

Sick laser scanner brings interactive sculpture to life

An art installation has used Sick LMS Laser scanners in a surprising new way to create a fascinating interactive experience as part of Canary Wharf’s Winter Lights Festival.

The small, rugged LMS ... more

BS 5266-1 revision - how and why?

Changes to European standards and UK legislation have now been factored into a revision of the emergency lighting Code of Practice BS 5266-1. ICEL, the emergency lighting arm of the Lighting Industry ... more

Training is vital to keep up to speed

Continuing professional development (CPD) has become more important in an industrial environment as the increasing number of standards means it’s hard to keep up to speed. Stewart Damonsing of safety ... more

A review of LED regs

Safe working in marine and hazardous areas

As part of the ongoing mission to reduce carbon costs, many organisations are turning to LED lighting to provide a sustainable option for their buildings. And, as Darren Rose of CAM Specialist ... more
Chalmit has introduced a new floodlight combining maintenance-free LED technology and a self contained back-up battery, designed for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas and harsh marine environments. The ... more

Providing protection and efficiency

One year on from the implementation of the new British Standard EN 61549 for fragment retention lamps, the impact it has had on the industrial sector is clear for all to see. Stewart Damonsing, ... more

Be safe, not sorry

ICEL, the emergency lighting arm of the Lighting Industry Federation (LIF), stress that all relevant emergency lighting regulations, and the standards that support them, should be complied with to ... more

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