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New technology disinfects masks and gowns in seconds, economically and environmentally

Most personal protection equipment, e.g. medical gowns and masks, are designed to be disposable, often because the cost to dispose is less than the cost to clean more

Aspiring engineer designs a PPE visor mounted cooling fan

Toby Weymouth came up with an innovative solution to counter the horrific photos carried in newspapers, showing the discomfort of nurses wearing PPE face visors all day long in warm hospitals more

Automating testing for permeation breakthrough of PPE

Manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) and protective rubber clothing can now quickly gain CE stamp of approval through the use of Ellutia automated Permeation analysis system more

ProGARM launches flame-retardant face mask to protect frontline workers

ProGARM has developed a new flame-retardant (FR), anti-viral, reusable face mask, designed to offer some protection against both COVID-19 as well as injuries caused by fire or an Arc Flash more

Mini factories in containers help reduce face mask shortages

Developed in just six weeks by Mikron with engineering support from Festo, the mini factory uses a scalable system that can produce 50-100 face masks per minute more

Majority of workers in the construction and engineering sector want their bosses to provide PPE, with large numbers refusing to return to work without

RS Components expands support to frontline health workers around the world with 3D-printed PPE

The vast majority of workers in the construction and engineering industry believe that it is their employer’s responsibility to ensure they have the right protective equipment in the workplace  more
RS Components is broadening its focus to help frontline healthcare workers around the world access 3D-printed personal protection equipment (PPE) more

The difference between treated and inherent flame-retardant fabrics

Mark Lant, technical sales manager at ProGARM, explains the difference between ‘treated’ and ‘inherent’ flame-retardant fabrics more

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