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Red Arrow’s factory and new logistics facility opens to new deliveries with a focus on their non-corrosion fittings and emergency lighting

Published: 1 July 2020 - Victoria White

Red Arrow is gradually bouncing back from recent difficult months with new deliveries of their NCF product, Weatherguard, and their updated emergency lighting product, Sentinel. Both designed with contractors in mind, the electrical manufacturer and distributor are prepared for the post-pandemic industry.


Designed for demanding environments with heavy traffic or for spaces that have tough lighting requirements such as airport car parks and petrol stations, NCFs are guaranteed to last and, when correctly installed, can also increase product life expectancy and light output. Plus, by replacing fluorescent non-corrosive lights with LED NCFs, the end user can expect to yield substantial energy savings of over 50%. Not only saving money but also helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Ideal for workshops, warehouses, factories and storage facilities, contractors can eliminate contamination in light fittings and feel confident that Red Arrow’s Weatherguard will perform well in difficult installations. Providing a great source of light for commercial and industrial spaces that are subject to impact and high humidity, Weatherguard is designed for both new installations or to retrofit into existing installations.

Weatherguard can be used in a wide range of areas, such as manufacturing plants, plant rooms, car parks, canopies, loading bays, construction sites, showers and changing rooms. 


These days, legislation requires all occupied buildings to have adequate escape lighting to allow safe exit should the mains power fail. And in the UK, escape and exit routes must be lit to a minimum of one lux during an emergency. But with a long service life, it’s easy to find the exact size and output desired to balance illumination and energy efficiency with Red Arrow’s Sentinel.

Sentinel is a range of emergency fittings suitable for open areas of escape route situations – available in 1W recessed or 3W surface mounted. 

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