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Monitoring Coolant Flow to Industrial & Medical Lasers

Used in thousands of industrial and medical laser installations, the Titan Enterprises 800 Series turbine flowmeter is a trusted monitoring device that ensures accurate and repeatable long-term ... more

TECHNOMET - Advanced New Instrument Enclosures

Modern and highly attractive aluminium instrument enclosures for desktop and portable electronic instruments.

TECHNOMET is available in eight standard sizes (ranging from 75 x 225 x 200 mm to 150 x ... more

Temperature Sensors

Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Thermocouple and PRT sensors, made in our South Yorkshire site. Standard configurations are offered in all of the widely used calibrations, type J,K,... more

Safe High Pressure Measurement up to 5000 bar!

The HP1100 Series of ultra high pressure transducers and transmitters takes away the worries of dealing with very high pressures safely.

Designed to perform in demanding environments, The HP1100 ... more

LS-37K 3.5” SBC based on 6th generation Skylake and 7th generation Kaby Lake

How to measure low flow rates of liquids using ultrasonic waves?

Further extending its 3.5” format industrial grade embedded SBC portfolio, BVM has announced the LS-37K, which offers a 30% performance improvement and power reduction over Ivy Bridge based units ... more
More and more companies in varying industries are trying to make the transition to low flow solutions. Especially in the chemical industry and food & pharma market the trend is to focus on ... more

3D Stereo Camera System

The Imaging Source has created a practical and flexible stereo 3D vision solution suitable for many machine vision applications and ideal for getting started in the field of 3D depth sensing. The ... more

Maintenance-Free Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump Can Increase Test Accuracy and Instrument Reliability

At BioChem we Improve the Reliability of Life Science Instruments, and our Maestro ULTRA Piston Pump is just one example of how we embody this.

Salt solutions are often a fundamental part of life ... more

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