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Cases & enclosures

Evatron Protective Boots

Rugged and highly visible when you need strong, robust protection for your enclosure. Available in blue, orange and red, these protective boots come in 2 styles and 8 sizes making them a perfect ... more

TECHNOMET raises the bar in the desktop and portable instrument enclosures segment

METCASE has launched its new TECHNOMET range, a big step forward in the design of standard desktop and portable instrument enclosures.

The company spent four years developing these sophisticated ... more

Ready-made enclosures for water treatment industry

As the latest Asset Management Programme or AMP6 contracts take effect in 2015, many contractors will be looking at how to deliver each project in the most efficient and cost effective manner. ... more

For protective case solutions one size doesn’t fit all

The EXOcase is a British product designed, patented and manufactured by Protechnic. The EXOcase combines the convenience of a custom fabricated case with the durability of a moulded transit case. The ... more

Sensor helps maintain enclosure temperature

A compact fan speed control sensor has been introduced for Rittal’s TopTherm fan-and-filter units. Compatible with the larger models in the range of electronically commutated (EC) TopTherm fan-and-... more

A climate control solution for small enclosures

Compact enclosure heaters

New from Rittal is a thermostatic electric cooler, designed to accurately control the temperature to ±1K in small enclosures. Compact, lightweight and low vibration, this provides 100W of both ... more
To help prevent electronic equipment falling to the level that condensation will occur, Rittal offers compact enclosure heaters. The heaters with fans have capacities in the range 250W to 800W, while ... more

Making a case for the right environment

By careful design and specified correctly from the outset, an enclosure can truly become an asset for increased productivity and profitability. Rittal takes a look at what needs to be considered – ... more

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