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ITC drills provide 400% cycle time improvement for GPR

In 2016, Surrey based GPR Ltd made its first strides from 3 to 5-axis machining and it was Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) that fully supported the ... more

Hybrid adhesives for fast, strong and durable repairs

All common structural adhesive technologies have their strengths and challenges. Instant adhesives, for example, provide a fast fixture but limited durability. If strength is important, epoxies and ... more

High system availability doesn't happen by any chance!

It is the result of forward-looking action. The measure of a system’s value creation is its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It is determined by three factors:

Availability Performance ... more


Effective control of water distribution networks and processing facilities

Since incomes for operating companies and government authorities in the water industry are either fixed or hard to change, reducing costs is a strong driving force behind any investment. Mitsubishi ... more

Southern Springs and Pressings celebrate 70 successful years of trading

New Milton based spring manufacturer, Southern Springs and Pressings Ltd have celebrated their 70th anniversary of trading.

In 1948, Southern Springs Ltd opened their doors for the first time by ... more


Compact cMT-HDMI unit is suited to many applications

One of the newest members of the Weintek cMT Series from Lamonde Automation is the cMT-HDMI, which inherits all the rich HMI functionality found throughout the series.

Without a touchscreen and LCD,... more

Drives, Motors & Controls

Annual photography competition puts British manufacturing in the frame

Photographers of all experience levels are being asked to capture the dynamism of modern British industry as the 9th annual EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition opens for entries.

This year ... more


“Shock to the system” as managers in manufacturing see real terms pay drop and directors’ bonuses slashed

Annual pay rises for senior managers in manufacturing grind to halt

Bonuses for directors in manufacturing plummet by an average 34.6% from £61,128 to £39,985 but all levels of manager now work an ... more


ROTRONIC introduces a new temperature and humidity / moisture handheld

ROTRONIC is proud to introduce the new HP32 temperature and humidity measurement handheld with interchangeable probe input for all Rotronic HC2-series probes, full logging & spot-value recording ... more
Test & Measurement

New FLIR InSite mobile application simplifies inspection management

FLIR Systems has launched FLIR InSite, a new mobile application and web portal for organising client information and thermal inspection data in one location that is easy to access, manage, and share. ... more
Test & Measurement

Festo Design Tool 3D

Quick, Reliable, Automated Generation and Ordering of Product Modules in Your CAD Format. The Festo Design Tool 3D is a 3 dimensional product configurator for generating Festo-specific CAD product ... more

On line retail warehouses use WERMA andon light systems to improve productivity

Disruptions to productivity can be reduced significantly by deploying andon light systems on packing and despatching lines.

Monitor the productivity The andon light systems indicate the status of ... more


Combilift opens new €50 million global headquarters and manufacturing facility

Forklift manufacturer and material handling solutions provider, Combilift, has officially opened its new global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Monaghan, Ireland. Celebrating its 20th ... more

Keep making the tablets: Industry 4.0 machine predictive maintenance improves pharmaceutical productivity

This article shows how valuable manufacturing production line downtime in the pharmaceutical industry can be reduced by ensuring predictive maintenance of tablet making machinery using HARTING’s MICA ... more
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

3D – but without the glasses

Easy-to-use true 3D-sensor from ifm electronic does a lot

Described by some as a game-changer, the novel O3D300 from ifm electronic is a sensor capable of measuring three dimensions at once. The ... more


Win a Cobot

At Universal Robots we believe that collaborative robotic technology (cobots) can be used to benefit all aspects of production and manufacturing.

Our robot arms are advanced tools that can be used ... more


WERMA launches StockSAVER –innovative intelligent stock movement/replenishment system – Kanban without cards

The system, simple to retrofit to existing FIFO flow racking solves many typical Kanban issues, increases significantly the floor space for value adding activities and increases cash flow. StockSAVER ... more

Practical tips for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) affect Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and End users alike. The physical and digital worlds are coming together, making factory automation more ... more

MELSEC iQ-R, enabling manufacturers to achieve a high speed, information driven, operation

Today’s manufacturing environment is already complex and fraught with competitive challenges, but tomorrow, the year after and four years after that will be even more taxing, especially as ... more

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