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The FM Ireland Conference & Exhibition

25 February 2019

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Delivered in conjunction with our supporting organisations the Multi-streamed FM Ireland Conference features over 50 industry leaders and experts who will address the key issues affecting all those involved in delivering FM Services Now, as well as looking at the impact of new technologies and changing work practices on the role of the Facilities Manager in the future.

Free to attend, these conference sessions are your opportunity to hear the latest in New Ideas, Legislation, Approach, Technology and Best Practice across all aspects involved in delivering safe, secure, clean and effective environments.

The FM Ireland Conference uses a combination of Presentations, Workshops, Facilitated Panel discussions and interactive Questions & Answers sessions, to ensure you access to the information you want, whatever your interests.

More than that you can tailor your Conference attendance to suit your needs & objectives

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Hosted by the IWFM and SCSI, these two ½ day conferences held from 10.00 – 12.30 on both days day will look at:

Day 1 "Creating Employee Centred and Effective Workplaces” addressing the Strategy and People issues

Day 2 – "The Work Space and the Working Environment” addressing the Technology and what this may mean for people and the sector.

Individual Presentations will address:

  • Lone/Remote Working
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Big Data to improve FM Services
  • Role of the AI and Robotics in the FM Sector
  • Creating Employee Centered and Effective Workplaces
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Hosted by IOSH East Ireland Branch, these two ½ day session conferences held 10.00 – 12.30 will focus on:

Day 1: Whether it is exposure to asbestos, paints, solvents, cleaning detergents or other substances resulting from the maintenance and/or cleaning of a facility, facility managers need to be aware of how chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances are stored, labelled, used and disposed of so as prevent harm to themselves and others.

Day 2: Hazards facility managers are likely to encounter on a regular basis. Including:

Employers have a legal duty to manage the risks associated with their employees driving for work, whether the employee is driving a company vehicle or their own. By managing driving for work employers will not only reduce risk but can potentially generate significant cost savings.

Individual Presentations will address

  • Managing Chemicals Safely
  • Managing Asbestos Safely
  • PPE and Handling Chemicals - RPE and Face Fit Testing
  • Working at Height - Don't fall short
  • Driving for Work and Van Fleet Safety
  • Managing Contractors  (In the context of Maintenance works & the Construction Regulations)

Fire Safety - ASFP Ireland

The 2019 FM Ireland Fire Safety Theatre, sponsored by the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), will again feature presentations from legislative and industry experts providing guidance and direction for those responsible for fire safety management.

In particular, we shall look at the additional recommendations and responsibilities which flow from The Task Force Report dated 28th May 2018.

These include:

  • Additional guidance for those with statutory section 18(2) responsibility for fire safety in buildings
  • The new requirement for a "Public Notice of Fire Safety” in every building to which section 18(2) applies
  • New and specific fire safety regulations for the recommended priority "sleeping accommodation” sector
  • New regulations for large and complex buildings;
  • Action to identify and target those who neglect their fire safety obligations

Fire Safety - IFE

Being Unreasonable about Fire Safety Holistic Review of Fire Safety Qualifications

Chaired by Brian Bourke – IFE Forum Lead

This year delegates will hear from a panel of speakers including Architects and Insurance companies and the Licensed Association providing a unique insight into the Fire Safety challenges facing a modern society.

The Objective is to provide as much relevant information as possible on who has a role and a responsibility for communication of the fire Safety Message? And look at how we can be ready for annual licensing and not panic for certificates of testing when the fire officer calls.

Fall and arrest Demonstration Area

IKAR are proud to host live demonstrations showcasing the latest equipment and techniques for height safety and rescue. These will include demonstrating various working methods; permanent attachment movement; rescue systems for lowering a casualty and rescue lifting kits.

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To find out more about FM Ireland, simply contact the FM Ireland Team: on +44 (0) 1892 779992 or email

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