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The Simplified Motion Series

27 November 2020

The simplified motion series consist of different electromechanical components together with a simple and application-optimised combination of motor and servo drives, the so-called integrated drive. This solution doesn’t require an external servo drive. The electric alternative for very simple movement and positioning tasks between two mechanical end positions doesn’t require the usual commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems, which can often be quite complex. It also offers special motion characteristics such as gently cushioned travel into the end position or simplified press-fitting and clamping functions.


This is quick and easy and doesn’t require any software, computer or other accessories, because all parameters can be set manually directly on the drive. Simplified Motion Series is then connected directly to the controller, either via digital I/O (DIO) or IO-Link, both of which are integrated as standard.

Highlights of the Simplified Motion Series

?Simplified functionality for simple movements.

? A variety of movements with different mechanical systems.

? Integrated products eliminate the need for a control cabinet. 

? Quick and easy commissioning without software.

? No special expertise required for commissioning.

? Digital I/O (DIO) or IO-Link integrated as standard.

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Product Overview

Extremely compact and costeffective spindle axis ELGS-BS with precise, resilient recirculating ball bearing guide for the slide and powerful ball screw drive.

Extremely cost -effective and durable toothed belt axis ELGS-TB with precise, resilient recirculating ball bearing guide for the slide in a compact design - especially as a main axis in handling system

Cost-effective and resilient EGSS with smooth spindle operation for vertical Zmovements or individual, guided linear movement in every mounting position.

The electric cylinder EPCS is suitable for single linear movements in every mounting position and its smoothly running ball screw drive allows precise and rapid positioning.

The toothed belt axis offers very good running performance thanks to its recirculating ball bearing guide ELGE-TB. It is an ideal and economical choice for very simple tasks.

The rotary drive ERMS is ideal for simple swivel tasks as well as for increased mechanical loads. It has a rotary plate with sturdy, precise and backlash free ball bearing so it can absorb transverse loads and torques.

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