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Trailerloda has now been used outside of a trailer on the factory floor

16 December 2019

Trailerloda has now been used outside of a trailer on the factory floor. This has been installed for two European customers in Finland and Norway. 
One customer has flowers flown in to Oslo Airport for delivery to 120 shops. They have a warehouse near the airport and until recently depended on a scissor lift for handling air cargo pallets. 

They installed the Trailerloda floor onto the warehouse floor to unload from the aircargo trucks and use a standard dock. 

The pallets were unloaded and broken down into seperate deliveries using their own warehouse staff. This saves money and time from contracting out to a third party warehouse on the airport.

Usually aircargo docks require a scissor lift but due to the minimal height of the Trailerloda system a regular dock can be transformed into an aircargo loading dock in just a few hours.

There are no hard modifications needed to the warehouse, which is a great benefit if for e.g. the warehouse is rented. The only real requirement is a source of compressed air for lifting the rollers of the Trailerloda floor.

Any customer either handling aircargo or normal block pallets can invest in a warehouse Trailerloda system for fast unloading/loading. Trailerloda is easy to install and remove when needed and does not require any special installation requirements. The system is self sufficient.

The technical specification of the 'Warehouse Trailerloda' are the same as those of a normal Trailerloda. 

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