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A new cutting system sets the pace in production at JACOB

27 January 2020

Jacob UK Ltd are pleased to announce the installation of a new laser cutting machine at their production headquarters in Porta Westfalica, an investment of around 2.5 million euros. With an output of six kilowatts, it essentially automates the production of components from steel sheets for further processing. Overall, the total capacity of the new system has increased production by more than 30 percent.

"With the new fibre laser system, we are increasing efficiency and laying the foundation for further growth," explains Kim Jordan, Director of Jacob UK Limited.

The new system has replaced a carbon dioxide laser, which was used for cutting the sheets for nearly 20 years. The switch to fibre technology primarily results in a significantly higher cutting speed and improved cutting quality, but also optimises the entire process. The raw sheets are stored in a 14-metre high tower using a forklift truck and after that, everything is automated. The new software adjusts production planning and ensures improved operation of the entire system.


Forward thinking for 2020

The impressive size of the new system made it necessary to carry out some conversion work beforehand. The height of the production hall was not sufficient to accommodate the tower, so the decision was taken to raise the roof height. Since cutting the sheets to size is a basic requirement for the entire production, the conversion of the building and the set-up of the system had to be factored into the operation. "Reconstruction and installation were complex, but the effort and investment are worthwhile," says Kim. "The new system is the basis for being able to supply our customers reliably and in proven JACOB quality."


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