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New features for diagnotics suite

Emerson Process Management has expanded its Advanced HART Diagnostics Suite on the Rosemount 3051S Series of instrumentation for pressure, flow and level measurement. New features ­expand diagnostic ... 
Flow & level

Bottling beer with high accuracy

At Carlsberg brewery, the level in the tank at the filling machine has to be kept at a constant height. Sensors from Baumer are being utilised to ensure reliable and accurate results. In the bottling ... 
Flow & level

Controlling the purification process

A GE control system is the ‘brain’ behind a solution designed to ensure that all of the water produced by a purification treatment process meets or exceeds required quality regulations. The ... 
Flow & level

Filters remove damaging metallic particles

Donghua Machinery in Guangdong Province, China has chosen patented filtration technology from British company Magnom for its eco-friendly and energy-saving servo driven plastic injection moulding ... 
Filtration & separation

Don't stop the flow

Self-cleaning filters from SPX are being utilised in a biomass processing application for power generation which requires no interruption to flow during cleaning operationsSelf-cleaning filters are ... 
Filtration & separation

Universal pig traps for gas pipelines

As a trusted Category H fabricator, Porvair has developed universal pig traps for inserting pigs into a gas pipeline then launching, receiving, and finally removing them without flow interruption - ... 
Filtration & separation

Energy-saving dust control

Dustcontrol is helping to provide a cleaner and more efficient production environment as well as energy savings. Research and development into new and existing products is a high priority. The DC ... 
Filtration & separation

Pulse jet vent keeps systems clean

The AIRLANCO pulse jet bin vent utilises pulse jet action to keep pneumatic systems running clean and in compliance with local air quality regulations. It filters left-over product dust and debris ... 
Filtration & separation

VSD shaves 20% off metal dust extraction costs

Problem: Specialist metal forging company Firth Rixson had relocated several grinding stations, concentrating them in one area with centralised dust extraction in the fettling and descaling plant ... 
Filtration & separation

Easy to manoeuvre welding fume extraction arms

Flextraction has introduced a new range of extraction arms with or without LED lighting in the hood, which are designed to create a better environment in the workplace during welding and other ... 
Filtration & separation

Particulate-free water at low cost

Porvair Filtration Group has won a two-year supply agreement for its Polyfil II and Aquafil disposable filter cartridges from a leading PTFE manufacturer, to produce large quantities of particulate-... 
Filtration & separation

Hermetically designed disc stack centrifuges

Culturefuge 400 is the latest addition to Alfa Laval’s range of hermetically designed disc stack centrifuges for harvesting mammalian cell cultures. Handling up to 20 m3/h, it comprises a disk-stack ... 
Filtration & separation

Reducing volatile solids to increase overall gas yield

Eco-Solids International’s first ‘behind the scenes’ tour of its Cellruptor installation at Yorkshire Water’s Esholt WWTW proved to be a highlight of the 15th European Biosolids and Organic Resources ... 
Filtration & separation

Filtration system prevents washwater nozzle blockage

Problem: Thames Water’s Sewage Treatment Works in Beckton, East London needed a system that would prevent the wash-water nozzles from blocking and disrupting the screenings separation process. The ... 
Filtration & separation

Filter withstands corrosive water

Cross Manufacturing has introduced a new filter specifically designed for the extremely corrosive environment of sea water and estuary water systems. The durable, reliable automatic filtration ... 
Filtration & separation

HEPA filters give efficiency up to 99.999%

Delta Filtration’s latest HEPA filter range includes the TYCHO HEPA with a galvanised steel frame and the Rigel HEPA with an MDF frame, both of which extend from H10 to H14 in accordance to EN: 1822 ... 
Filtration & separation

Low maintenance filters keep fuel pipeline clean

Problem: BPA manages a major UK pipeline which distributes aviation fuel from a number of different refineries direct to airport storage facilities. The company had been using a system which employed ... 
Filtration & separation

Conveyor performance seals the deal

When Everbuild Building Products required a discharging system that could handle a range of bulk components and additives, it had to be sure the chosen system could cope with difficult powders. Tests ... 
Containers and vessels

A fresh approach to ingredient blending

In order to save on the cost of purchasing blends from a contract manufacturer, Delagar has added a Flexicon screw conveyor and mixer to its established bulk handling systemA producer of bath and ... 
Containers and vessels

Sometimes, life has to be a drag!

Figure 3 The numerous health, safety and hygiene standards for the chemical, food, and general processing industries, in the USA and Europe in particular, mandate the need for ... 
Containers and vessels

Visual Workplace tools deliver a lean, competetive edge for recovery

Cutting waste is always important but as business starts to look up and order books grow, companies who keep their eye on the waste ball can gain a real competitive edge.Using visual solutions in the ... 
Containers and vessels

Maximising anaerobic digestion

With increasing volumes of waste being processed to create biogas from the anaerobic digestion process, System Mix says it is important to ensure plant availability and working capacities are ... 
Containers and vessels

HMIs streamline product flow

A UK-based machine builder has reported positive feedback from customers after installing HMIs from MAC Solutions on an industrial oven and food handling and conveyor system. Based in Haverhill, ... 
Containers and vessels

Moving with the times

In the materials handling industry, managing whole life costs are top of the agenda. Richard Cole of Habasit Rossi explains how the latest advancements in conveying solutions technology can deliver ... 
Containers and vessels

Flexible batch blender

Due to increased demand for a low throughput, flexible blending system, TSM has designed and built the Optimix 50 batch blender. With a throughput range from 1 to 200 kg/hr, it utilises four easily ... 
Containers and vessels

Shear mixer ensure lump-free consistency

The Vitomix mid shear mixer from Hosokawa Micron makes it much easier to add liquids to powder mixtures. There is no requirement for lump breakers and mixing times are reduced, maintaining low energy ... 
Containers and vessels

Machine and service prove a good mix for food company

A total mixing solution provided to Tanfield Foods by Advanced Engineering for a new line that came on stream in 2009 has resulted in a repeat order as the company plans to expand its production ... 
Containers and vessels

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