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Reduce the risk of injury and death in your most hazardous workspaces

6 February 2020

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) statistics for work related injuries and deaths in the UK show that in the year 2017-2018, there were a total of 555,000 non-fatal injuries and 144 fatalities in the workplace. These figures are broken down further and show that the most likely workplace accidents consist of slips, trips or falls and handling, lifting and carrying.

Clear communication on safe working procedures in hazardous areas is imperative to reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace, whilst the provision of appropriate first aid items can significantly reduce the level of injury should such an accident happen.

Leading supplier of safety signage, SafetySigns4Less, provides below an overview of cost-effective signage, stations and labels, all-of-which have been specifically designed to promote safety, reduce risk and minimise workplace injury in hazardous areas.

Make safety measures visible with effective signage

Whatever your safety message, well placed signage will ensure that it is clearly displayed and reinforced to staff and visitors every time they enter a potentially hazardous area.

Signage does not need to be bulky or expensive, there are a range of material options available including self-adhesive vinyl, easy to install lightweight rigid plastic and window stickers, all cost-effective options that can be used when wall space is at a premium.

SafetySigns4Less has an extensive range of safety signage including a custom sign builder—where you can build your own sign using our ISO 7010:2012 compliant symbols or blank templates.

Some of our most popular safety signage for hazardous areas include:

  • Danger Asbestos – Signage and Labels – great for older buildings or work areas where asbestos has been identified as a potential risk.
  • Mandatory PPE Signage – ensuring your staff and visitors wear the correct personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • Mind the Step and Trip Hazard Signage – to help prevent the most common cause of workplace

Avoid potential accidents with clear labelling

Hazardous substances pose a significant risk to health and must be safely stored in accordance with COSHH regulations. By clearly marking your chemicals cupboard with COSHH hazard symbols, it will provide a clear visualisation that the contents are dangerous and should be avoided by unauthorised personnel.

Clear safety information reduces risk

It is vital for safety equipment to be positioned in all areas of your premises. This may be in the form of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, your safety policies or who to contact in case of an emergency. Thinking about best placement and display of safety information is extremely important as it must be accessible to all and easy to use in case of an emergency.

SafetySigns4Less has devised a range of safety stations that allow the professional display and easy access of essential safety information and equipment, ensuring staff can follow procedures and correctly use any safety equipment provided.

Our most popular safety stations include:

  • Biohazard First Aid Stations – fully stocked and ready to install, ensuring you are prepared for a first aid or biohazard emergency.
  • Safety Notice Board – equipped and supplied in a perfect fit box this safety board can be statically used or easily transported if required off-site. Supplied with integrated flip folder for safekeeping of insurance and policy documents, GDPR compliant accident book, fully stocked large BS8599-1:2019 compliant first aid kit and health and safety law poster.
  • PPE Stations – keeps your PPE available at the point of need and free from dirt and damage.
  • Disposable Glove and Apron Station – provides appropriate storage for disposable clothing.
  • Get the message out at the time of need

There will always be times when risks are suddenly heightened, and your premises needs additional warning signage to avoid potential injury. SafetySigns4Less can help you with this too. We have a range of portable safety signs such as double-sided floor signs and winter weather stanchion signs that can be easily folded away and stored for immediate use when required.

For more information about SafetySigns4Less, our products and services, please visit us online at or call our friendly sales team on 0808 1699 147.

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