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Silverson Flashmix improves process time by over 23 hours

3 March 2020

The Silverson Flashmix powder/liquid mixer provides a simple, effective and hygienic means of rapidly incorporating powdered ingredients into liquid, even at higher viscosities and temperatures.

A cleaning product manufacturer recently purchased a Flashmix after it improved their existing process time by over 23 hours.

The company wanted to eliminate agglomerates from their powder/liquid mixes and try to reduce their process times. They also wanted a mixer that could handle a number of different powders for their different products, such as Xanthan gum, CMC powder, Carbomers and pigments.

Previously, the company had been using a high speed agitator to disperse Xanthan gum into vinegar. This process had been taking 24 hours or more and additional time was then taken to filter out agglomerates which had formed in the mixture, as the impeller was unable to get rid of them.

Not only were they wasting money on long processing times, high energy requirements and raw materials, even after 24 hours the quality of the mix was poor and there was no consistency between batches.

Silverson arranged for an FMX50 to be trialled at the company’s factory and using the mixer for their Xanthan gum application yielded exceptional results. All of the Xanthan gum was incorporated into the liquid in 50 seconds and was then left to recirculate. After only 35 minutes the mixture was the correct consistency and standard desired by the company and a much higher quality than they had previously achieved when mixing for 24 hours.

Using the Flashmix for this application improved the company’s processing time by over 23 hours, equating to a huge cost saving on raw materials and labour.

Due to the impressive results, the Flashmix was then tested on a number of other applications including incorporating Sodium Carbonate and Xanthan gum into liquid, mixing Methocel with water and incorporating natural pigments. The Flashmix also worked exceptionally well on these applications and was an improvement on previous methods as operators commented the Flashmix was a cleaner method and dust was kept to a minimum. Bags were also easier for the operators to handle as the powders could be added at floor level. If you’d like to arrange a trial, discuss your mixing application or get more information about any of the mixers in the Silverson product line, email

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