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Actuated Solutions offers widest range of APL Switchboxes on market

29 January 2018

One of the UK’s leading valve automation providers, Actuated Solutions, is announcing it now offers the widest range of genuine APL switchboxes on the market, and has even more product developments in the pipeline.

With six different APL switchboxes currently available - starting with the very competitive aluminium bodied APL2 and extending to the new high specification, ATEX approved APL7 Explosion Proof switchbox with integral solenoid valve - Actuated Solutions continues to offer the market a one-stop-shop for all valve automation projects; whatever the level of complexity.

Commonly used in the water, general process and oil and gas sectors, switchboxes are a cost-effective way to monitor the performance of actuated valves, to ensure they fully open and close as required. Should an actuator be incorrectly sized or, if over time, it starts to lose performance, or the valve torque increases, the switchbox offers an extra layer of safety by recognising when an actuator is struggling to open or close, before alerting the user via the control panel and preventing potentially major problems.

The APL switchbox is available with a wide range of options including stainless steel housing, explosion proof or intrinsically safe certification, along with many different switches and sensors. All switchboxes are designed and built to extremely high standards by leading Korean manufacturer, HKC, and are supplied with beacon indicators and stainless-steel Namur brackets as standard.

With the widest range available, new products in development and an extensive install base across the UK, Actuated Solutions’ managing director, Paul Slaughter, believes the firm is in a strong position to offer both capability and continuity to businesses, whatever their current and future switchbox needs may be, but he also suggests a note of caution: “We’ve noticed an increase in alternative entry-level switchbox products arriving in the UK from a variety of sources and, in many cases, they are labelled in a very similar way to the market leading APL product. This can be confusing, so we always advise customers to make sure they understand what they are buying because when you buy a genuine APL switchbox through Actuated Solutions, you’re not just buying the switchbox, you’re buying over 30 years’ worth of experience in valve automation as well as expert advice and dedicated aftersales support. 

“Ultimately, if it doesn’t say APL on the box, it isn’t going to be an APL product inside.”


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