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Hydraulic motor test rig tests torque, flow, speed and pressure

Hydrotechnik UK has expanded on its test rig design and build service, having recently installed their latest test rig – a custom designed and built hydraulic test rig specified to test the ... more

Sterile valves are key for hygienic applications

Sterile valves with a pinching sleeve inside the body by AKO are proving to be the most preferred valve type on the market for applications of an aseptic nature.

The food grade FDA Approved ... more

Low maintenance valves are integral for successful working plants

Every engineer or valve user on site prefers the least amount of maintenance for all parts of machinery as possible, to have a successful running environment. Low maintenance valves play a huge key ... more

AKO soft seated control valves keep the Earth ‘green’

AKO UK has been working alongside Bio Collectors Ltd by supplying their soft seated control valve products into a unique environmentally friendly food waste recycling centre. The recycled waste plant ... more

Soft seated pressure relief valves prove their worth

An overview of airbrators

AKO UK Soft Seated Pressure Relief valves are becoming more and more popular for protecting pumps and motors from damage. As approved by Thames Water under the Framework agreement with Aqua-Gas AVK. ... more
The airbrator pad is a tapered, conical-shaped device that facilitates material flow with the help of vibration from silos, bins, and hoppers. It comprises of a stainless steel or carbon steel ... more

Single instrument for reactor gas dosing

Alicat Scientific Mass Flow Controllers offer multiple parameter control and reporting in a single instrument; mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature are simultaneously visible via the ... more

Flow meters for critical applications

For critical flow measurements – Titan Enterprises Ltd. has established a itself as a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf meters or fully bespoke OEM flow systems for challenging applications.

... more

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