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Four-in-one protection

The PowerCap Infinity is the very latest in Powered Air Purifying Respiratory technology offering 4-in-1 fully integrated protection to the head, eye/face, hearing and respiratory protection in one ... 

Safety First with Thorite

Quite a long time ago, an employer wouldn’t even consider providing the workforce with respirators unless the environment was really toxic. Certainly not for everyday use anyway because while the job ... 

Staying safe in the oil and gas industry

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the oil and gas industry, whether upstream at the platforms or downstream at the processing plants, is one of the more dangerous sectors to be in.

Fortunately, ... 

New Safetrak for faster equipment inspections

With Brady's new Safetrak, time consuming paper based equipment inspections can become a lot faster. Planning, inspecting and reporting can be streamlined, customised and largely automated in the ... 

Ensure your business is prepared for extreme weather conditions this winter with Arco

Expert in safety, Arco, is urging businesses to be prepared for potential adverse weather conditions this winter in order to help keep employees safe and avoid costly site closures.

Extreme weather ... 

Keep your cool with the HardCap AeroLite - the lightest best performing Bump Cap on the market

Fortress adds industrial Ethernet communications to its interlocks

The HardCap AeroLite from JSP is the lightest, best performing, full shell Bump Cap on the market weighing less than 135g. It is designed to be worn where there is a risk of impact to the front, top ... 
Industrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has added industrial Ethernet communications to its amGardpro range of safety interlocks 

Gas Detection: The Professional Guide

Fugitive gas leaks are wasteful, harmful, costly, and impossible to see without the right tools.  

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