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Heat transfer

Increase the pressure with annular space heat exchangers

Annular space heat exchangers, such as the HRS AS Series, work by passing the product through the gap between the inner and outer tubes (the annular space), which makes them suitable for thick, highly viscous products such as fruit purees, thick sauces, honey and syrups. 

Fulton restart package offers peace of mind

As a leading heat transfer specialist, Fulton is all too aware of the effect that COVID-19 has had on its customers and the wider industry and appreciates that many steam boilers have been shut down during this period. So, when operations are ready to resume, businesses need to make sure its boilers and steam systems are ready too and meet the Health & Safety* requirements and operational demands required of its processes. 

New flash point recovery rig offers “dual level” safety

A UK thermal fluid system support, maintenance and risk management service provider, has launched a new flash point recovery unit with the ability to guarantee process industry customers an ... 

TFS hits 20 and shares secrets of success

Pioneering technology and a service predicated on risk-management lie at the heart of the success of the first company to bring thermal fluid reconditioning to process industries worldwide, according ... 

New benchmark for standard valves

Festo, a supplier of automation technology, has launched a new entry-level standard valve range, the VUVS series. The new valves are robust and durable, providing a long service life, and are ... 

British expertise offers a cool result

Keeping cool in plastic processing

Process cooling company IsoCool has upgraded the existing extrusion and mixing process cooling system at Neproplast in the Gulf region, proving the value of UK manufacturing expertise in overseas ... 
Process cooling company IsoCool has secured a contract with Neproplast to upgrade its existing extrusion process cooling system, using equipment manufactured in the UK and Italy. The company ... 

The plus points of thermal fluid heating

Chris Horsley, managing director, Babcock Wanson, explains the benefits of thermal fluid heating systems, such as energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size, when compared to a steam boiler ... 

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