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How to operate at peak production without the outages

23 April 2019

You certainly don’t need reminding that process is king. After all, your main battles are won and lost in the plant room, where reliability and efficiency are two of your most pressing priorities.

So what if you could keep your process working at its peak, with a reduced risk of outages? Any kind of outage is a nightmare, as you need your process to be running for as much of the day as possible.

Believe it or not, you can make this dream scenario a reality through your choice of control valve.

The perfect match

You want your valve to match your process load rather than the other way around. By selecting a modular valve to match your process, a trim that matches your load, and a stem seal which offers PTFE chevrons or high temperature graphite rings, you’re well on your way to making your production operate safely, efficiently and effectively. Did you know that a bellows sealed bonnet can even deliver zero emissions leakage? – a major plus in anyone’s book.

No more wear and tear

The durability of traditional control valves is an issue you may have experienced in the past but it’s time to say goodbye to traditional control valves and say hello to modern control valves such as Spira-trol TM, where the internals are manufactured from 431 grade stainless steel meaning you can handle even the most demanding  of steam with no issues.

Do away with downtime

Granted, we’d rather not think about it, but should the worst happen and your control valve experiences difficulties, you needn’t worry. Shutting off your whole steam line to remove a failed valve and struggling with an outage in the meantime is a routine you can consign to the history books once and for all. Thanks to its cage-retained seat, modern control valves such as  Spira-trol TM can be maintained in-situ without being removed from the line – and with no need for any special tools either.

Guaranteed delivery within 48 hours

What’s more, Spira-trol TM valves leave the Spirax Sarco factory pre-commissioned for applications, enabling quick ‘plug and play’ installation with guaranteed 48-hour delivery.

Have total peace of mind when it comes to keeping your process running at its optimum level, find out more at

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