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Power Genex pneumatic actuator feedback, control and monitoring devices

19 September 2018

J+J Automation, a leader in valve actuation solutions in the UK for over 20 years now has stock in Matlock of Power Genex products, the quality South Korean manufacturer of pneumatic actuator position monitoring, feedback and control devices. Power Genex have over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing  quality positioners, volume boosters, switchboxes and other air control products, and with J+J’s own brand range of CH-air branded pneumatic actuators, J+J can offer a complete package in the supply of, and control and monitoring of pneumatic actuators and air actuated valves.

At the core of the PG range are their rotary or linear positioners, from basic robust EP positioners through to their auto-calibrating, programmable smart positioners suitable for hazardous area applications, with HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus communication options, ATEX certified.

Supporting the positioner range are the SIL3 rated heavy duty ATEX approved volume boosters, available up to 3/4” offering high flow outputs and tight shut off, and extended temperature options down to -40C or up to +120C. Exhaust filters supplied as standard prevent unwanted foreign object ingress into the boosters.

PG’s Snap acting relays and lock-up valves offer security against air system pressure malfunctions, and their air filter regulators protect the positioners and other devices from malfunction caused by dirty supply air.

The more commonly supplied position monitoring and feedback requirements are covered with the Power Genex safe area limit switchboxes and ATEX approved hazardous area switchboxes, with optional 2 or 3 way valve flow indication, and a wide variety of switch options including hermetically sealed switches, and feedback options including 4-20mA position transmitter or by potentiometer.

Pilot solenoid control is covered by the PG series of ATEX approved SIL3 rated Namur solenoids for hazardous area applications, or a low power consumption durable single or dual coil quality Namur series for safe areas.

A shining jewel in the Power Genex crown however, is their Valve Position Monitor series which offer robust ATEX approved switch box with built in pilot solenoid and many feedback options which provide outstanding performance under harsh working environments. These all-in-one position monitors offer simple wiring to a single unit which adds to the cost savings a quality single monitoring and control device offers over purchasing a separate ATEX switchbox and ATEX solenoid valve.

Most of the PG products are available with either coated aluminium or stainless steel housings, with pipe and electrical connections available to suit either the American or European markets.

Service will be as expected from a manufacturer and distributor with 20 years’ experience supplying the valve distribution, OEM and end user markets, and J+J look forward to assisting with your valve position, feedback, control and monitoring requirements.




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