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Pöyry connects energy utilities and European start-ups on a digital platform to build the energy business of tomorrow

Published: 7 November 2017 - Sarah Mead

The energy industry is currently one of the most dynamic sectors globally. Established utilities are rebuilding their businesses while start-ups are looking for partners to scale up their innovative ideas. It is essential for utilities to tap into innovation ecosystems, invest and find the missing link for their growth plans. The new digital Pöyry Innovation Link platform enables exactly that.

Technology developments and decentralised energy supply pose considerable challenges to the industry, while start-ups and new entrants from other sectors can offer opportunities or even substitute and disrupt the business of established energy companies.

“Utilities have two choices – either to connect with the disrupters of the energy business or be disrupted”, highlights Robert Schwarz, Principal at Pöyry Management Consulting. It is essential for them to monitor the industry trends and ideas to stay ahead of the game.

In the past, utilities have been launching international incubators or using open innovation platforms to find new solutions. As more effective measures are now needed, they are sourcing disruptive ideas and solutions from the international and digital start-up community. However, finding the best ideas and business cases can be a time-consuming challenge.

With Pöyry Innovation Link, utilities or venture capital investors have easy access to a marketplace-evaluated energy ecosystem and approximately 500 energy related start-ups in more than 20 countries. The platform helps them to connect with start-ups, monitor innovation landscape and foster new energy related ideas.

Juliane Schulze, Head of Vattenfall´s Open-Innovation-Platform green:field appreciates the functionality and content of the service, saying, "Pöyry Innovation Link is easy to use and a very efficient way to identify fruitful ideas for green:field."

The platform also adds value to start-ups. Ewald Hesse, CEO of Grid Singularity says: "Pöyry Innovation Link connects founders with the industry while helping to communicate our new business ideas in the market - a true link."

Pöyry Innovation Link offers:

· an exhaustive, up-to-date start-up profile database that aggregates public information and Pöyry insights

· a focused and extremely efficient search engine to narrow down the dynamic start-up landscape and identify desirable partners that match strategic business goals

· innovation categories that simplify the process of discovering emerging trends in the industry

· search functionality by business stages, categories, markets and business challenges

Companies have a free, limited access to test the service and its business benefits. By entering the subscription-based community, they will get the full advantage of the unique insight and strategic data in the database.

More information and access to the platform:

The service, which is part of the growing #PoyryDigital offering, will be presented during the #ENERGY4.0 conference in London on 9 November.

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