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Automatic self-calibrating in-line pH monitor can save both time and money

Numerous manufacturing and process industries stand to benefit from HORIBA’s new fully automatic and self-calibrating micro-volume, in-line pH monitor.

HORIBA, an OEM of instruments and measurement ... more

Faster evaluation of Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP)

BMP is an important parameter in biogas production as it helps producers to evaluate the efficiency of the anaerobic process for specific substrates. However, conventional biochemical approaches to ... more

Gill Sensors helps to keep train performance on track

The railways in the United Kingdom are among the busiest in Europe and with growth in demand from both passenger and freight services over the last 20 years, large parts of the rail network at ... more

HBM weighs up the options in free webinar on weigh-filling

HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – has announced the date for its latest free webinar on, ‘How to cope with growing demands regarding filling, dosing, check weighing and ... more

FLIR launches latest generation, advanced thermal imaging cameras to minimise production losses

FLIR Systems announces three new Exx-Series advanced thermal imaging cameras for electrical, mechanical, and building applications: the FLIR E75, E85, and E95. The redesigned, Wi-Fi-enabled Exx-... more

Rotronic pressure sensor

Taking the pain out of regulatory compliance

ROTRONIC has expanded its measurement parameters with the introduction of a pressure sensor with the choice of analogue and RS-485 outputs for controlling processes and other applications.

The ... more

Petrochemical refineries are increasingly being called on to install continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) to collect, record and report data to comply with air emission standards outlined by ... more

Old emissions analysers - wanted dead or alive…

Ashtead Technology is offering a trade-in for old emissions analysers, no matter what their condition or manufacturer. As part of the deal, customers will receive money off a new Testo 350 or Testo ... more

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