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Small and powerful 30W DC-DC in 1 x 1” footprint, saves PCB space and minimises waste heat

Published: 18 April 2017 - Sarah Mead

FiDUS Power announces the HCJ and HTJ series of very compact DC/DC converters. In an industry standard 1 x 1” footprint, they achieve a power density of 73W/in3. Particularly useful in application where PCB space is at a premium. The HCJ has a 2:1 input range and the HTJ has a 4:1 input range. Both operate with efficiencies up to 92% minimising waste heat in the application.

The HCJ has three 2:1 input ranges of 9-18VDC, 18-36VDC and 36-75VDC covering 12, 24, & 48VDC nominal inputs. The HTJ has two ranges 9-36V and 18-75VDC for applications with multiple source types. Single output models are available in 3.3, 5, 12 and15VDC, dual in +/-12 and +/-15VDC. Remote on/off is standard, this allows you to control the output electronically for sequencing or standby. The unit can operate from -40 to +85degC, delivering full power up to 55degC ambient and up to 60degC with the optional heatsink.

Our confidence in the quality and reliability of this product is such that we back it with a five-year warranty. The HCJ/HTJ can be purchased online or call us directly to discuss your commercial and technical needs in more detail. Free UK deliveries, flexible stock arrangements and credit accounts come as standard and experienced power specialists to support your design in.

Why not take a look at the HCJ or HTJ product page for standard pricing and technical data?

If you have an application that the HCJ/HTJ looks a good fit for, please get in touch for a free engineering sample.

HCJ30 Datasheet

HTJ30 Datasheet

See more at: or call the FiDUS team directly on Tel:  0118 342 0730.

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