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To refurb or not to refurb...

Published: 9 May 2019 - Sarah Mead

Managers at a Somerset feed mill were faced with the costly task of either demolishing and replacing four large Crittal designed mineral silos or a not so costly refurbishment. They chose the latter and Game Engineering was on hand with the expertise and ideas to make it happen.

A change of product meant that the four Crittal silos, which had been installed many years ago, were now totally unsuitable. While the decision to refurbish the existing silos had considerable financial advantages, for the Game Engineering team, it was not the easiest of tasks.

Before the refurbishment part of the project could start redundant items such as conveyers with slides and ducting, a small dust filter and three vertical vacuum pipes had to be removed. Once this was completed, the inside of each silo was thoroughly cleaned to remove any corrosion or past product trace.

The most important part of the project could then start. Each silo had to be completely relined – two with 3mm mild steel plate and two with 3mm stainless steel plate. In order for this to be done safely, a ring beam was constructed and floored with wooden planks to provide a work platform that could be raised or lowered as required. The lining plates could then be riveted to the inside of each silo starting at the bottom and working upwards.

With the silo plating completed, new square-to-round hoppers were fitted to the bottoms of each silo along with four new 200mm diameter screw conveyors which link to a central 300mm screw conveyor. This central screw conveyor deposits ingredients into a weigh hopper which is mounted on load cells. The final part of the project was the installation of a new pneumatic intake system which allows the silos to be filled by road tankers. For more information please contact Adam Conroy at Game Engineering on 01522 868021 or email

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