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3DExpress reduces hardware costs with the new ”single camera – double laser” functionality

16 April 2013

Girona, 04th March 2013 - AQSENSE S.L. (Girona, Spain) has incorporated the new ”single camera – double laser” functionality into 3DExpress. It allows to configure, with a single click, the possibility to acquire two laser lines with one camera and to avoid occlusions during 3D image acquisition while cutting-off the overall costs for the complete triangulation system.

3DExpress software was presented last November at the VISION show with the slogan "3D Machine Vision made Easy" due to its graphical assistance which enables the user to configure and debug a 3D laser acquisition systems without the need of programing skills. Following this key principle, new tools have been continuously developed and added to 3DExpress; the ”single camera – double laser” is the latest development and will be soon available for download at AQSENSE's web-page.

While scanning an object by means of a laser-triangulation system, the object’s shape may create occlusions that hide some of its regions and, therefore, no

3D image data is obtained from these areas. So far, the standard solution to avoid these occlusions was to use two cameras that each looked at the same laser line on the object from different angles. This provides two 3D images with some occlusions on opposite sites, and a merging of both images results in one 3D image without or largely reduced occlusion. However, as cameras and lenses are much more expensive than line lasers, this solution increased the expenses for the hardware and the necessary adjustment of the second camera.

Thanks to the new 3DExpress functionality, avoiding occlusions is – from now on – neither expensive nor difficult. Only two lasers looking from different angles and a single 2D or 3D camera are necessary; the 3D camera only needs to support the definition of multiple Regions of Interests (ROIs) in the sensor, like do the Automation Technology C2 and C4-series or the Photonfocus 3D03.

The 3DExpress software prompts the user for the number of laser lines that are to be detected. It is sufficient to correctly adjust the ROIs on the sensor where the laser lines are expected and to select the appropriate number of ROIs in the software. 3DExpress calibrates the complete system metrically, generates the cloud of points from each laser line and merges the image data in a single combined output containing all the information and reducing the occlusions to a minimum.


AQSENSE develops and commercializes 3D point cloud acquisition and processing libraries that allow high speed in-line 100% inspection for the Machine Vision Industry. AQSENSE’s customized applications and engineering solutions are supported with training and seminars. Feasibility studies for 3D integration include the evaluation of cameras, lasers and hardware configuration.


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