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Don’t fear the robot. Adapt!

The most recent industrial revolution brings up conflicting feedback and opinions from many factory employees. Some believe all these changes are happening for the betterment of their lives, while ... 

New, smart light collar shows cobot status

Collaborative working between operator and Universal Robot has been elevated to whole new level thanks to an innovative accessory now available from RARUK Automation. YouRing is a smart, programmable ... 

TM Robotics exhibiting at Motek 2017

Industrial robot specialist, TM Robotics is exhibiting at Motek in Stuttgart, Germany from 9 to 12 October 2017. The international trade fair is the world’s leading event in the realm of production ... 

World Robotics Report 2016 announces collaborative robots as market driver

The World Robotics Report 2016 released today by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) higlights how compact, user-friendly collaborative robots are expected to drive the automation market. ... 

Robots will NOT steal UK jobs… they could create more

Despite ongoing fears and speculation that robots could steal British jobs, new data reveals that the majority of industry professionals (63.3%) have never witnessed job losses as a result of the ... 

Universal Robots help automate the aerospace industry at Whippany Actuation Systems

MiR leads the global market for autonomous mobile robots with 500% growth in sales in 2016

When experiencing increased demand for specialised parts, Whippany Actuation Systems faced an important decision — purchase a new CNC machine, outsource production, or introduce automation with a ... 
Mobile Industrial Robots, (MiR), a next-generation developer and manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has seen an astounding 500 percent growth in sales in 2016, with over 200 innovative ... 

New technology for teaching robots and guiding humans

Mitsubishi Electric will demonstrate a new compact 'Direct Teach Pendant' for small robots and a quality improving pick-to-light system for manual assembly tasks at the Med-Tech Innovation show 2017. ... 

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