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Highly Programmable Super Sequencer Simplifies Multi-Rail Power System Management

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear ADM1266 Super Sequencer, a highly programmable device for monitoring, sequencing, and margining up to 17 power supplies. For larger rail counts, a ... 

High efficiency N-Channel Switching Surge Stopper protects against 150V transients

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LTC7862, a high efficiency switching surge stopper with overvoltage and overcurrent protection for high availability systems. The LTC7862 drives an N-... 

Consumer tech hitting the factory

In 2017, Google announced that it would cease production of its original Google Glass, replacing it with a new Enterprise Edition. Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial ... 

Sensata’s NOVA22 solid state relay now features 45mm DIN rail model

New SSR offers higher power ratings, IP20 protection and output wire capacity up to 3 AWG with quick, ‘no-accessories-necessary’ installation.

Sensata Technologies (ST) has added the Crydom DR45 ... 

New Product Release – MTL 4600 range of signal conditioners

Eaton has announced the addition of four new signal conditioners to its existing MTL 4600 range. These new additions have been designed specifically for PAS (Process Automation System) integrated ... 

New larger SNAPTEC fast assembly IP 65 enclosures

Klippon Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions

OKW has launched a new larger size of its SNAPTEC fast assembly IP 65 plastic enclosures. SNAPTEC offers a rapid solution for medical or home automation systems and small devices with low voltage ... 
Imagine you were able to plan more quickly and work more efficiently thanks to customised application products. As a pioneer in industrial connectivity, Weidmuller are always looking to go one step ... 

FreeCon contactless transmission system from Weidmuller

Burnt, bent or dirty contacts are often the cause of time consuming and costly production failures, especially in applications requiring frequent plugging cycles, for example industrial robots ... 

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