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Weidmüller Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with PUSH IN technology

21 September 2018

The Weidmüller Klippon® Connect range of terminal blocks offers compelling benefits throughout the entire panel building process. Whether through their simple handling, delivering more space in the control cabinet or time saved during installation, Klippon® Connect terminal blocks make a significant contribution towards increasing productivity, efficiency and safety. The overall range is divided into a universal range and an application range. The requirements for an application determine which is the most suitable.

Klippon® Connect: universal range

The Klippon® Connect universal range allows perfect-fit solutions to a consistent standard.  Whether using screw or spring connections – the wide range of products, using the established Weidmüller cable connection systems, create an efficient, flexible solution for a wide range of applications in the control cabinet. The products in the Klippon® Connect A-Series have a range of impressive features, from PUSH IN technology with coloured pushers, through to standardised cross-connections and consistent check and test points.

Triple-deck terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection

The Weidmüller 5.1 mm wide PUSH IN triple-deck terminal blocks, with a rated connection of up to 2.5 mm2, enable space-saving wiring within a confined space. There are five variants available. The combination of three potentials on one terminal block and unique, clear markings ensure compact and structured wiring. Additionally, the range includes distributor and feed-through terminals.

The PUSH IN system with coloured pushers guarantees rapid connection of solid and stranded wires with and without wire-end ferrules. The variant with potential, neutral wire and PE connection enables alternating current motors to be installed in very confined spaces. Coloured, plug-in cross-connections also considerably reduce wiring times. All cable connections have a check and test point, which takes a 2.0 mm standard test plug. This means that the necessary measurements, wiring tests and trouble-shooting can be carried out very quickly and easily. In addition, the triple-deck terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection fully satisfy the latest industry standards for efficient and clear wiring.

Separator and fuse terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection

The Klippon® Connect universal range includes 6.1 mm wide separator and fuse terminal blocks with PUSH IN connection and a rated connection of up to 4 mm2. The separator terminal blocks have an orange separator blade to make them easier to identify.

The pivoting multi-functional holder on the fuse terminal block takes 5 x 20 G-fuse inserts.         G-fuses (fine fuses) are available for various rated currents from 0.032 to 20 Amperes. They act as a surge protection system to protect the device. An LED status indicator integrated into the fuse holder displays the status of the fuse and enables fast maintenance.

The consistent check and test point on the terminal and the two test points on the fuse holder also play a role. The test points are designed for 2.0 mm standard test plugs. Multiple fuse holders can be combined in one block from which individual fuse holders can be simply pivoted out, using a screwdriver.

Klippon® Connect: application range

Control cabinets are configured and produced individually. However, in virtually all industries, there are certain applications that require recurring parts in the control cabinet. Weidmüller has identified and developed special solutions for these application fields including:

  • Tailored application products to increase productivity and safety.
  • Specific arrangement and adaptation of the product functions to the respective application.
  • For efficiency benefits in all phases of panel building

Klippon® Connect for control voltage distribution

For control voltage distribution applications, Weidmüller offers a range of potential distributor terminal blocks from the A-Series. The consistent design and simple cross connection options save space and avoid wiring errors. The two possible designs – alternating and grouped – increase flexibility for users.

The disconnector terminal enables efficient trouble-shooting. Systematic closure of the opened electric circuits enables the user to identify error sources quickly. The innovative PUSH IN connection system for the Klippon® Connect A-Series allows even stranded wires to be connected without using special tools; the user simply operates the pusher. Two cross-connection channels allow a quick extension of the control voltage distribution.

Klippon® Connect for the motor connection

The A-Series 5.1 mm wide motor-connection terminals enable efficient connection of an alternating current motor. All three phases, plus the PE connector, can be connected quickly while saving space. The PE connection takes the form of an Omega spring, ie. as soon as the user slots the terminal onto the terminal rail, a reliable contact is established.

Based on the idea of one terminal block per motor, users can ensure the layout in the control cabinet is very clear. This is of great benefit particularly with the increasing complexity of systems today. The motor-connection terminals can be used both with and without built-in end plates. Efficient potential distribution within the motor-connection terminal is made possible by the use of vertical cross-connections, while individual levels are quickly and safely connected. A consistent cross-connection channel at each level increases flexibility and saves wiring time. Additionally, the cross-connectors can be adapted and identified easily.  Furthermore. the consistent check and test point on each level makes maintenance and trouble-shooting easier. Strip markers ensure effective equipment identification as they are very quick to produce and attach in strips.

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