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10 10 10 Special Offer for your Enclosure Design from 4D Products

7 November 2018

Celebrating 10 years in business in 2018, 4D Products aims to help other organisations by offering 10% off all design fees FOR 10 YEARS if you agree any project work within 10 weeks of receipt of this e-newsletter.

4D Products is working with Invertek Drives on a range of its industrial electronics enclosures. 4D Products is helping take Invertek’s products to new levels of design and functionality.

4D was challenged to deliver a new, purpose-built casing with multiple inputs and outputs, a circuit board, fan and displays all of which needs isolating and styling. 4D also designed the casing to incorporate snap-fit features for easy production and for heat dispersion, with minimum cost and maximum flexibility. A simple change to part of the front panel will now allow additional revenue streams for the product. A prototype was shown to test reaction at a recent trade show.

Working with Invertek’s design team and the suggestions from potential customers at the show 4D is creating a family of parts and products in Invertek’s brand colours for world-wide sales and world-class products.

“The fast turnaround and success of this project has now moved on to Invertek working with 4D on three new projects.”

Glyn Jones, Technical Director at Invertek

The TimeCode Buddy allows production specialists in the broadcasting industry to use a single piece of kit for all of their timecode requirements. This makes life easier, saves costs on additional kit and time in post-production. The inventors developed their own prototype, however, they needed a design partner to translate their ideas into a customer-friendly interface which they could take to market. They chose 4D Products because the team there offered an unrivalled combination of technical expertise and service, with an enviable record for electrical product design.

4D quickly understood the potential market for TimeCode Buddy; a technically astute audience who appreciate good design. End-users would be early adopters in most aspects of technology – so 4D knew that high quality design and innovative materials would inspire, engage and gain traction in the marketplace.

Paul Scurrell, Timecode Buddy’s founder and Director said: “We wanted more than just a box. At the same time, it had to be robust enough to function in the long term and to meet the demanding requirements of the broadcasting industry – it had to work in every type of condition and location, on any type of shoot.”

4D also maintained involvement through the manufacturing phase, consulting with the factory in China to ensure that the final product remained true to the original design specifications.

The design is a mix of recyclable quality materials and finishes, which fits together without the need for fixings to create a stylish, minimalist and highly efficient look capable of withstanding all conditions. The result is an award winning design that more importantly, has received great praise from users.

“Working with 4D Products has been a pleasure from the outset. They were exceptional when it came to understanding our needs and getting to know our market. From design right through to manufacture, their commitment to delivering something outstanding never wavered, changed or flagged.”

Paul Scurrell, Timecode Buddy’s founder and Director

Wireless CCTV (WCCTV) manufactures and supplies portable, rapid deployment video monitoring solutions worldwide. The company’s products need to be innovative and be able to withstand some of the most arduous conditions in the world.

4D Products was asked by WCCTV to help supplement their own design skills with specific expertise. It started with concept sketches, exploring different approaches and alternative manufacturing options. A combination of injection moulding and metal was selected. Casings needed to be waterproof, robust and stop insect ingression. The internal electronic componentry was complex and needed to fit tightly into the housing. Airflow was a key consideration for cooling, easier lid access was needed and the cost per unit reduced. Also, WCCTV wanted to enable volume sales and reduce production cost.

“The designs that 4D Products came up with met all our requirements and more. They help us stay ahead of our competitors and we have been able to save 50% on casing costs. In addition, we have a product ready for volume sales which is easier to use out in the field.”

Ian Ramsdale, New Product Design Manager at WCCTV

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